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Things are Looking Good

Plan on heading to the bank sometime in the afternoon (probably around 1 or 2) to get a money order. I know you said Shoppers or the post office would be cheaper, munedust, but it's going to need to be in USD, and I'd rather not take chances of going to the wrong place, so yeah :3 So I'll get that, then I've been asked to stop by Heart and Stroke, just to make sure the person I have that tutorial to last week knows what they're doing still. I figure while I'm there, I can grab an envelope, and give Michele $2 or something to cover using some of their stamps. There's a mailbox just down the street from the building, so I can call for a ride, and we can drop it in the mailbox on the way home, and with any luck, I'll have that tail in my hands by the end of the week <3

Staying at Josh's house tomorrow night shouldn't go too badly either. I'm just more concerned about having to start at 7 Tuesday night :\ Amazingly enough though, I have both Friday and Saturday off this weekend, so that's something to look forward to.

I think it's about time for bed though. I do have to be up fairly early in the morning :p

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