Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Nothing Like a Letdown

The entry I wrote yesterday ended with a statement that it would be nice to leave work with an extra $120. $100 from Manoah, and $20 from Tom, which could serve to cover the majority of the cost for a train ticket. As it actually turned out, however, Manoah couldn't give me any money for the third time in a row, because he spent all that he made on bills and such, and Tom won't be able to pay me for his cookie pizza until Monday, because he got a virus on his computer and wants to take it to Future Shop to be fixed. Were it only a matter of reinstalling Windows (XP, in his case), I'd just rip a copy of my SP3 CD, add the WGA files to the ISO, along with instructions for how to use them, and burn that to a new CD to give to him tonight. It isn't quite so easy though, because he said he wants to look into getting a new video card, and perhaps some other upgrades while he's there. As I told him last night, so long as I get that $20 on Monday, I'm fine with waiting a little bit longer. As for Manoah, well... Back at the beginning of the night, I told him I might ask his mom or sister (whoever came to pick him up) for a ride home as well, so he and I could discuss the matter along the way, without Tom sticking his nose in, but there was a slight issue with printing one final report at the end of the night, which kept Manoah and I there for another ~10 minutes, while Tom took off to go home, giving us the chance to discuss repayment there. He said the soonest he can see definitely being able to give me money won't be until the 18th of November, but that he wants to make it $250 then, and another $250 at some point before Christmas. Considering that he hasn't been able to give me any so far, I think that might be a bit much, even with waiting another month, but I also told him that I might be willing to wait until the end of January to be fully paid back instead. It doesn't help me any if I'm going to push the deadline back without any prompting from him, but as I don't really want to impose a per-day late fee, I'm stuck. One option I was thinking of on the way home yesterday was that $10 could be added to the total for every full month I don't receive any money, starting in November, but as always, I'd have to inform him to make it official.

Money aside, the other main theme of work last night was stress. It should go without saying why, but the moment I started to help make food, it felt like I was being pulled hard in one direction from things that were on my mind, and at the same time in the opposite direction from having to focus on work. In a single word, it was terrible, and once again, Tom came right up close and asked "I haven't done anything to make you upset, have I?" The fact that I can remember him doing that a couple other weekends recently as well though shows me that this is an ongoing thing. Last week, I was still worked up about Squeeze (the person Dan told me about). This week, as of yesterday, I'm worked up about a picture I saw online. I'm not sure about next week yet, but there's bound to be something. Maybe I'll spend more than I expect to on groceries, and worry about where that'll leave me for going away. After all, things apparently won't turn out quite as I was expecting them to. As of October 17th, we all officially started working for the new company. One of the previously unmentioned changes that brings is when we get paid. It's more of a subtle thing, but starting on the second week of November our pay periods / dates will be moved up one week. In other words, if that change had gone through already, I would get paid this coming Thursday, instead of the one that just passed. Because of that, I won't get nearly as much on the 1st as I was expecting to. According to Manoah, it should be about half my normal pay, plus special outstanding amounts - current vacation pay, and uniform deposit. Following that, on the 8th, we will get the other half of what we'd normally be paid. For me, that means I should get ~$400 on the 1st, and another ~$300 on the 8th. It evens out, yes, and it'll give me a bit of extra money to go out for dessert before going to the train station on the 8th, but that was unexpected.

Work aside though, I think I will just go back to other things now. I should be able to complete at least another four puzzles in Mario no Super Picross with the time I have left, but there's also an email that I need to respond to, and I have some dishes to be taken downstairs. At least I can say I'm not quite as tired as normal for once. Why? I actually set my alarm clock for 3pm when I went to bed last night. I feel like I had a good sleep too (although part of it was a really strange and slightly awkward dream about an old friend), so maybe I'll be a bit more alert and less stressed at work tonight. Things that were bothering me yesterday still bother me, but I've said all I really can for now. I may have missed using the word "vile" before, but I'm not getting into that again. Here's to hoping for a good night~

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