Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Song of My Life

I heard it again on the radio yesterday night. Like nearly every other time before, the chorus stood out, and even though it loses some of its applicability when I really think about whether or not it has personal meaning, it's something worth mentioning anyway. The song I am referring to is of course this one, and it is at best mostly relevant. In the past, why was I so frequently depressed and sad if keeping secrets made me happy? Presently why are unknown persons in this city who could potentially be friends, and things related to a certain animal sources of sadness / depression, when I want to turn those around, because it would make me happier? I mean, it's to the point where I'm considering creating a second / repurposing an alternate LiveJournal account to have a place where I can freely rant and get angry about things without worrying about giving the wrong impression to anybody who doesn't know me. I should be able to do that here, but the case in this point is Squeeze. All she presumably knows of me is what I've written here, if she's read my entries, and they aren't exactly flattering. Dan sent me an email yesterday to relay a message he'd received from Totts (the person I received that note from) on Furaffinity, and in my reply, I actually told him that I was hesitant to say "Give her my LiveJournal address as well", because it wasn't the best place to start for somebody who didn't know me. Yes, this is me in a sense, but I'd like people to get to know me face to face before anything else.

So that's pretty much where I am today. For a moment when I woke up before properly waking up, I thought it was Thursday, and was excited to have another day off, but I realized that wasn't right, and that it was actually only Sunday. Disappointing, but James told me last night of plans he had for tonight that would make it a bit different, so if those come true, I just hope he'll find something similar to do tomorrow. I already have snacking for the next several nights planned out - nothing for tonight, 7-11 tomorrow, snacks from Dollarama after we get groceries on Wednesday, and 7-11 again on Thursday, but what really needs to be worked out is a grocery list. What will I need to make two cheesecake pies, a cookie pizza, and a batch of s'mores cookies here? I think that's nearly $80 altogether, which is pretty substantial. On the money note though, James said that his understanding of how being paid the first couple weeks of November will work is that we'll get about half our normal pay plus vacation pay and uniform deposit on the 1st, and another two weeks of pay on the 8th. If he's correct, I think that means I can still expect to be paid only about half my normal pay on the 8th, because I'll have been away for a week then, but more is better, so it's something to hope for. What else does that leave to be said now? I had a dream last night that I want to write about, but I'll save that for a private entry, because the subject matter was a bit difficult (it wasn't a bad dream, to say the least), and I'm hungry, because I haven't eaten anything yet today. More waffles for breakfast, obviously, but after that, I should check flyers for grocery stores here instead of going back to picross, to see if I can get any of the baking supplies I need on sale. As stated, I do need a list, and both Tuesday and Wednesday will be pretty busy. I suppose I'll get started now~

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