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My goals for the next couple hours seem to be simple enough. Unless I've forgotten any, they are as follows:

a] Write a LiveJournal entry
b] Finish level 7 (puzzles I through L) of Mario no Super Picross
c] Use the contact form on the site Brandon wanted a hat from to inquire about the status of that order
d] Reply to the message I received on here this morning, from none other than Squeeze
e] Hope for Totts to reply to the response I sent to her email before going to bed last night
f] Optionally, have a look online for other tasty-looking cookie recipes that call for oatmeal

It is quite a bit, yes? And here I am, having been up since ~2:30, because I couldn't get back to sleep, working on Mario no Super Picross, and thinking about what we could do on the Sunday following the furmeet in Toronto. As I've probably said in here already, I think it would work well to make plans to go to the Golden Griddle's breakfast buffet, because it would be easier to invite people on Saturday, but when I brought that up again while talking to Dan yesterday, he said something that made it more complicated. After that, he suggested, we could walk around downtown Toronto, but that on its own is not something I could see myself being interested in. I would more likely want to go home and rest, and even if we did walk around, he might find more money, which would make me irritable, but earlier this afternoon, I realized something that could do away with part of those misgivings. If I can come up with one or more reasons to want to walk around, then there would be a purpose to it. Maybe I could come up with something inexpensive to get everybody for Christmas, and look for those items then, or more realistically, perhaps I could tell myself that I need the exercise to offset the extra food and drinks that I will inevitably consume at the furmeet. There's not much that could be done about Dan finding money, but frankly, I need to get over it. A couple weeks ago, on a shift with Laura, I overhead her mention that she'd found five dollars on her way home the previous night, which really irked me too. All I am is envious, and as is no secret now, envy begets insecurity, which I won't stand to have pop up and ruin my time there. I'm actually rather surprised to find my checking account balance still over $900, but a train ticket and baking supplies will take a fair chunk out of that in short order.

As to the other things above though, a few of them are fairly simple, so let's start with those. I am writing a LiveJournal entry... well as I write this, so that's taken care of. Mario no Super Picross has come along quite a bit, but the puzzles are starting to get more difficult. Either that, or my attention is divided, because the last one I solved - a picture of Lakitu - took over fifteen minutes. Following that, I might actually have a response regarding that hat waiting for me when I get home tonight, but I'd rather not wait. If I am to open a Paypal dispute in order to get a refund, I need to do so before I go to bed on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, and I don't want to take that step without being certain that it's absolutely necessary. The thing is, I received a reply to the inquiry I sent with the form on the site, but the other two messages I sent after that were emails, so I don't know if they were received, and if they were, were read and intended to be acted upon. That should be easy enough to do, at any rate. Finally, cookies. James suggested last night that I make some more of the kind that have whole peanut butter cups inside for everybody at work, which set me to thinking that I could make those for the furmeet too. Two types of filled cookies, cake, cheesecake pie, and candy, but what about the oatmeal? I still want / need to use some of that, but then it occurred to me just earlier that I could probably make oatmeal cookies with peanut butter cups inside instead. Even better, the oatmeal would help them to not have such an odd texture, so that's pretty well confirmed. Cheesecake pie, cake, and candy, as mentioned above, as well as s'mores cookies, and oatmeal cookies with peanut butter cups in - probably three batches of each, so there are enough this time. Would that not be alot of baking, and require more groceries than I might have money for though? Cheesecake pies would be approximately $30, cake would be ~$15, and cookies would be another ~$20 each. That's $85, plus ~$10 worth of candy, and however much I'll need to make things here... I just told Dan about that though, and he suggested I keep an eye on the attendance list, because there might not be as many people as before, which will suffice for now. I could argue that anything not consumed at the furmeet would be left for us to have throughout the rest of the week, but I don't know if I want to make more than enough this time.

Finally for today, we have items E and F above. Whom should I start with? Totts, I suppose, since she was the first one to contact me. I came home from work on Saturday to find a message from Dan saying that she'd sent him a message on Furaffinity to pass along her cell phone number. I asked if he knew her email address, or could give her mine, and when I woke up on Sunday afternoon, I found that he'd replied to say that he didn't have hers, but would let her know what mine was. Skip ahead to ~6pm yesterday, and I received an email from her to say hi. She specifically stated that she wasn't a guy, and that the "young man" Dad referred to was in fact her husband-to-be, and also said that she hoped I enjoyed the art. I replied when I got home from work, so now I'm waiting to hear from her again. As for Squeeze, she, as noted above, actually sent me a message on here. Apparently she created an account just to do so, and mentioned that she had read through some of my entries, and hadn't been talking to "your friend" (Dan) as much as I thought, so now I have her to reply to too, which is neat overall. I still feel like I should've taken the initiative, but things turned out as I was hoping in spite of that. Now I only need to reply, and it's already after 6. I don't think there's too much else to mention today though, so that will be it. Is there still enough time to do everything?

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