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Some Last-Minute Annoyance

There would have to be an extra level. I spent pretty much the entirety of last night (after ~10pm) working on Mario no Super Picross. I finished level 10, then decided to get started on the level S, which I somehow managed to complete before 6. I assumed following that, only the title screen puzzles would be left, but no, there's an extra, Ultra level. Only 8 puzzles, which I completed all of this afternoon, but it took until just about ten minutes ago to finish them. Stressful, annoying, and just a little bit satisfying to have finished the last puzzle, because now only the title screen puzzles are left, and at least the first one is smaller than the past several levels worth.

Unfortunately, that's about all I can say for today, because I should be on my way to work right now. I asked for a ride to work though, because it's raining out as well, and I'm just waiting for the muffins mom is baking to be finished. Hopefully it's a good night, and I think I shouldn't have to worry about being tired for this one shift, at least. Most likely because of when I woke up yesterday (~1pm), I was quite tired, and actually decided to call it a night at 6, without finding anything to stay awake with. I do need to grab an energy drink from the basement though, so I will go do that now, and then just wait. Well, I have an email to send first, since I have the time, but this was more important, so at least I've said something for today~