Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Only Eleven More to Go

Was that really worth it? I mean... can I justify giving myself only about five and a half hours of sleep to go on today? It felt like a better idea last night, but I'm having second thoughts now. As mentioned yesterday, I went to work under the assumption that I'd have enough time upon getting home to finish Mario no Super Picross. From what I could tell, there were only twelve puzzles remaining, so after finding something to eat, I set about working through them. The visible twelve weren't particularly difficult, but checking GameFAQs for a total number of puzzles in the game showed me that there was one hidden in the middle of the screen, in Mario's eye. Unlike the others, it was 25×20, but still not too difficult. The thing that struck me as strange about all of them though was that they were playing in Mario mode - that is, with a time penalty for making mistakes, even though the previous eleven levels had been in Wario mode, which is the same as Free mode in Picross DS. That was explained by a Wario EX mode opening up after completing all thirteen of Mario's EX puzzles, and, not wanting to leave that unfinished for another night, I vowed to complete all of those too before I went to bed. Same as the previous set, the twelve visible puzzles were actually fairly easy (most were 15×15), but at the end, I encountered a problem. I expected there to be a puzzle hidden in the middle of the screen again, and sure enough, there was, but upon finishing it, I was left with only 298 files in my folder for the game, which struck me as an odd number. Sure enough, after consulting a proper FAQ / walkthrough to check how many puzzles there were supposed to be, I came to the conclusion that I'd missed two. Where were they? Hidden in Wario's other eye, and his nose, of all places. Yeah. I wasn't very amused, but to bring this story to an end, they are all complete now. All 300, but there has to be a caveat, because I started this entry by asking myself if it had been worth it. As it turns out, I was up until nearly 10am, and woke up at 3:30. Yes. I don't feel tired yet, but that has to be because I just woke up. Let's wait until I'm at work later, and see how much I feel like going home and curling up in bed then.

It should go without saying that I'm taking a break from picross today (but as the title of this entry says, in my SNES ROMs folder alone, there are still eleven games to go through), or maybe even until I'm off in Toronto, if I can find other things to do. One small project I could work on (of a different nature) is making up KMPlayer-style icons for all image filetypes. I've been meaning to for a couple weeks now, and have several suitable base files to choose from on my desktop, but a certain... something (try to guess) has been taking pretty much all of my time. Maybe I should start working on backups now. I don't foresee downloading any new music or games to put on my PSP within the next five days, so if I get PSP memory stick backups out of the way, and copy the contents of my previous general backups drive to the new one, the two most time-consuming things will be dealt with, and it hopefully won't take as long to go through everything else after work on Wednesday. Michele sent me an email to respond to the note I left on Thursday yesterday, seemingly obliviously asking me to come in Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week, so I went right downstairs for the phone, preferring that to composing a sarcastic reply, and called her to clear that up. I'll still be going in on Wednesday afternoon, but explained that I'll be busy on Tuesday, and won't be here on Thursday. If anything, that'll just make for a slightly longer day. I'm really not sure how I feel about the thought of being in Toronto in less than a week though. As a matter of fact, at this time next week, the furmeet will be well underway, and I'm more or less looking forward to that, but it feels like there have been too many other changes. I've certainly talked to Dan about quite a few personal things since I was there in August, and there's no way of knowing what would happen if he were to bring one of those up in a direct conversation, but then there's also this whole thing with Xion. Maybe the problem is just on my end, but I've seen him online twice, if not three times since August. I didn't send him any emails to ask "where are you?" or such, because I didn't have anything to talk about, but back on Thursday did ask that he get that $10 to me, in cash, or by Paypal, if he wasn't able to get cash, but a couple days on now, and I still haven't received a response, which makes me wonder. On one hand, things have changed, which is nice in a way. It means I won't be going back to the same place I went to before, so things will be newer and more interesting as such, but if things have changed, there's also no way of predicting how, and thus no way of knowing what to expect. What's more, I'd had enough of trying to tell myself that it didn't matter this morning, and sent Dan a message in Instantbird to say that I didn't appreciate him taking all the credit for cleaning up after the furmeet back in August, but he hasn't responded, so I wonder what he might say.

Those things aside though, I would like some time to myself before ~6, so I think this will be done here. I thought we were going out for Mom's birthday yesterday, but apparently that's today, and we'll be having the desserts I made tomorrow. Sounds good enough to me, but I still need to think about remaining alert at work tonight. Apart from being busy before 11, yesterday went well, so I'm hoping for more of the same tonight, and this will also be my last proper chance to ask Mary a couple questions I wanted to get to back on Wednesday. I suppose we'll see if I remember, but yes... That's enough for today~

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