Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Secrecy Isn't Always Good

I feel kind of frustrated with myself today. I've been up since nearly 3pm, so I've had plenty of time to relax or do whatever else, and since Wednesday isn't too far away now, I chose to work on things, but I want to wait until Thursday to show Dan what those things are, so as to not spoil the surprise, meaning I can't share them in here, and I haven't done much else for working on them, so it feels like I've wasted another afternoon. Why couldn't I have baked cookies today, or if not that, why couldn't I have worked on cleaning up my room? The floor has needed a good vacuuming for several weeks now, things in my closet could stand to be tidied up again, and I might as well finish with my monthly backups right now, so I can put that external hard drive away, but until this very moment, I've felt that it was too early to do any of that. Backups might as well be taken care of when I get home from work tonight though, and if have time, other cleaning too. I don't think Dad would be too pleased with me if I tried to vacuum my floor at ~3 in the morning, but I can do that tomorrow afternoon, probably before I start baking things to take to work on Wednesday. This planning is fun, in a way, but I need to put those plans into action in order to feel like I've actually done something.

That said, work tonight will come first, which might be a fun shift. Last week, Tryphena and I agreed that she would bring hot chocolate powder, and I would bring marshmallows, so we could have hot chocolate. I remembered my part, but she forgot hers, so James ended up sending Holly to Food Basics, and then we all had a nice snack. I would like more tonight too though, as well as that I would like to try making cinnamon twists with hot chocolate powder instead of twist sugar, so they're more like chocolate twists. That, however, requires me to remember to put some powder in a bag before I leave for work, and to grab more marshmallows, which I'd be rather pressed for time for. I could ask for a ride to work, I suppose, but I'm getting kind of tired of that. On Saturday night, I got dropped off on the way home from going out for Mom's birthday, and yesterday, I got a ride again because it was raining. In all likelihood it's raining out tonight too, but I'd like to try to enjoy that for once. Maybe I should still ask for a ride and be content to walk home with James, but I already know I'll also be getting a ride there on Wednesday, because I'm not about to try to carry a cheesecake pie, cookies, and my uniform in all at once. Yes. I need to go get ready now, actually, so this is done. Hopefully it's not too windy out there...

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