Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Going to Take a While

My first official task at Heart and Stroke this time around? Go through 65 (I think) boxes, each of which contains 20 information / receipt book packages for canvassing, and number each kit, collection envelope, and receipt book. Michele did the first one for me (the first kit, that is), but setting aside what I was able to finish today, that only leaves, oh, 1,299. I was only able to get to 180 too, but the second day of doing that should be more productive, both because I'll already know what to do, and because I won't have to be interrupted to set up a new computer, and after that to confirm that the only proper printer in the building is located in Michele's office. That said, it was still a reasonably productive afternoon, but I've noticed something slightly disconcerting ever since yesterday night. When I'm in a warm / humid environment, it feels like I'm starting to get sick. My throat is a little sore, and my nose feels stuffed up, but the moment I step outside, or move to a cooler area, I feel fine again. I don't want to be sick, because, well, as is obvious, I'll be in Toronto at this time tomorrow. And a long night ahead of me too...

Rather interestingly, I don't think I could say that waking up earlier than normal this afternoon was a bad thing. I actually was tired enough to call it a night at 6, and despite technically missing an hour, I woke up feeling well-rested. That said, however, I would've been perfectly content to stay in bed for another couple hours, working on a list of things to pack, but I knew I couldn't have that, so I tried to make the best of my ~50 minutes, and then went to Heart and Stroke, as described above. Following that, instead of heading straight back home, I went to the bank first, to get money. $200 for myself, which should pay for a majority of whatever I need money for in Toronto, and another $220 for Mom and Dad, because I didn't want to leave without giving them that. Unfortunately, the $420 withdrawal most likely put me down to ~$180, but there's nothing I can do about that. I will hope to be paid at least $400 this week, and then will just have to wait until our normal pay is deposited next week, since I won't be around to collect my pay stub then.

Fascinating as that all may be though, I find that I'm still really stressed, and mostly for the same reason as before: I have too much to do. There are currently four people waiting to hear from me via email, I haven't started to pack (and am not sure if my list is complete, at that), still need to finish the last part of that surprise project (and decide on a layout for two of the other parts), I need to contact Dan to at least say "The train leaves at 6:19am, so I'll try to send you a message once I'm on it", and have an ever-shrinking window of time in which to complete everything. Try to guess why I didn't write an entry yesterday... In order of importance though, I'd say replying to these emails comes first, so I'll start with those, and hopefully have enough time to start packing afterward. I just have to figure out what to say...

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