Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What I Left Behind

I almost regret having time off just now. Back on Sunday night, Manoah came by to pick Tryphena up at the end of her shift, and while he was there, came inside to check the schedule or something. I happened to go to the back at that moment, and he asked me if I'd heard that his shifts had been cut, as a result of him refusing to fill a position another manager wanted him to, whom he initially became upset with after discovering that they'd been talking behind his back. I told him I hadn't, because he wasn't aware before, and he said that we would have a lot to talk about on Wednesday then, before leaving. Skip ahead to last night (although it's technically still the same night), and I was informed of way more than I ever would've expected to be. I didn't know what a peace bond was before going to work last night. Now I do. The word "lawsuit" was also thrown around quite a few times, and he was (and still is) utterly convinced that we don't have a more mixed-race group of staff as a result of racism. I am being completely serious, and he, along with Mike and the other party have a meeting today to try to find some resolution. As it goes, though, he's not willing to settle for a simple "I apologize for offending / hurting you". He wants the other party fired, and if that doesn't happen, he'll go to the police for the peace bond mentioned above, and after that comes into effect, the other party might as well no longer be employed there, as they won't be allowed anywhere near him. At one point, I asked what would happen to Tryphena if those issues took a turn for the worse, and he said that this other person stated quite clearly that if he goes, she'll follow right after him. It seems no matter which way I look at it, there will be at least one or two significant changes when I get back home. All of this will probably slip to the back of my mind over the course of the next week, but on top of the two packages that should be waiting for me when I get back, there will be going to work, and seeing what's changed there.

Work drama aside, however, I don't think I forgot anything at home. There were some things that I left intentionally, but I tried to make the best use of the ~3 hours I had. Work was pretty busy, so we didn't get out 'til ~2:15, but I got a ride home with Manoah put all my laundry in the washing machine, had some supper, and then went to packing. I thought at first that I might bring only my luggage bag and laptop bag, so as to stay within the new luggage requirements, but in the end, I used my backpack instead of the latter, and nobody has said anything yet. Unlike last time, I didn't go to 7-11 or McDonalds before the train station, and Mom also didn't feel like waiting for the train with me, so I was left with a rather anxious ~20 minutes, waiting for the train to arrive. Now, I am writing this, and thinking about what I'll do when we get to Toronto. I completely forgot to pick up some more jelly beans from Walmart in Chatham, and I'd rather not wait until this afternoon to go to the one I know of in Toronto, because that would take too much time, so we're going to go a different route. From the train station, head over to Dufferin Mall, and visit both the Walmart and No Frills there for hopefully everything I couldn't buy in Chatham. If I'm able, we won't have to go grocery shopping later at all, and I can sleep for a bit longer. Fudge chocolate chips are by far the thing I'm most uncertain about, but I suppose if they don't have those, I can just use half a cup of regular semi-sweet chips, and the other half-cup fudge chips to make s'mores cookies, which reminds me of the things I left at work tonight. I ended up eating two of the cookies myself, while Manoah and Tryphena both had one, and James took four, because he doesn't work Thursday or Friday. As for the cheesecake pie, both Tom and Manoah had a piece, and said it was good, in spite of the crust being burnt in a few spots (which they both noticed). All in all, they were a success as far as I could tell, and really, I shouldn't worry so much about everybody having absolutely no complaints with them. They were free, and completely unrequested, so take it or leave it, yes? I really should pack this up now though, because it's 9:45 already. Only a couple more hours to stay awake~

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