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Karadur Inacu 

What a Long Day

I just slept for 11 hours. I also distinctly remember being in bed last night, and getting up, telling Dan that I was going to get another blanket. I came out here to the living room, looked at the couches for a bit before quickly coming to the conclusion that I was imagining things, and went back to bed. In spite of any negative effects that may have come from it though, that was an interesting day. Because I think I currently have the time as well, here's a reasonably detailed account of what happened from when I woke up to when I went to bed.

[1pm - 1:50pm] Woke up, and worked on a list of things to pack before going to Heart and Stroke
[2pm - 5pm] Was at Heart and Stroke for the first time since Summer. Michele asked me to work on labeling kits, receipt books, and collection envelopes first, but quickly took me off that to set up a new computer at the front. I did, while lamenting at the amount of dust under the desk, then went to the back to resume labeling again, until I received a call, which I presumed was to help me finish setting up the computer. All they wanted was for me to turn on a non-existent printer though. When I discovered and informed him that it was actually hooked up in Michele's office, he told me (somewhat unnecessarily) that they're located elsewhere in other offices, and such things. Following that, I went back to labeling for the final time, and finished up 180 (9 boxes, out of ~65) in my first day there.
[5pm - 5:30pm] Was headed home. At first, I was just going to go straight home, but decided that it would be better to go up to the bank and get money for the next couple weeks - $180 for Mom and Dad, and $200 for myself. I did, then headed back home again, which was kind of an interesting walk. Being ~5:30 in the afternoon, it wouldn't have been surprising to see some trick-or-treaters out, but there were none. In fact, I only saw two people (at the same house) who appeared to even be ready to give out candy. They motioned at me, but I kept walking, because I was listening to music, and didn't hear if they said anything.
[5:30pm - 5:40pm] Gave Mom and Dad their money, which came out in a rather confusing way. At the bank, I'd specificially requested three fifty-dollar bills, two tens, and the rest twenties, so I gave Dad the three fifties, and what I thought made up another $30 (for $180 altogether), and Mom $30, which left me $20 short. I eventually decided I must have withdrawn the wrong amount though.
[5:40pm - 6:30pm] Worked on finishing my list of things to pack. Before I made to my room, Naomi asked me if I would hook up some new device of hers to the internet, but I asked her to wait until I was done. It was as easy as anything else to configure - just supply the wireless key, but the keyboard was really slow. I finished my packing list pretty quickly too, which was good, because I was worried that would be left until the last minute as well.
[6:30pm - 7:30pm] Wrote a LiveJournal entry about the couple things that were on my mind then, took a bit of time to relax, ate a couple pieces of the pizza that was bought for supper, and got another ride to work.
[7:30pm to 7:45pm] Got to work, and asked Manoah (to be sure) if I was allowed to work without changing into my uniform that night. Seemingly forgetting what I asked him about closing on Halloween before, he said that should be fine, because I would be on drive through, but I reminded him that I'd asked to be on line, which apparently would've been unacceptable. He told me no, because he was already in enough hot water with Mary, and didn't want to take the chance. I accepted that somewhat dejectedly, and went into the bathroom to change. After I had, I asked if I could still be on line. He said yes to that, so off I went getting things ready for the night.
[7:45pm - 1am] Was at work (obviously). It could be because it was Wednesday, or more likely because it was Halloween (or both), but it was busier than normal, and quite a few of the orders were large. Despite that, however, I still managed to get things caught up in reasonably decent time, and Tom helped me to get the floor scrubbed and mopped before 11, as I didn't want to still have to do it after that. Unfortunately, as a result of our getting to talking about current events there, Manoah and I spent a good ten minutes outside talking to each other, which was time I could've spent getting food ready to be put away at the end of the night. Oh well, I suppose. Unfortunately on a second count, somebody came in about five minutes before closing with a really big order, and three other people followed after them, so we didn't close until nearly 10 minutes after we should've. It was really annoying at the time.

[1am - 2:15am] Closing. Too much happened to be specific, but it was all the normal things - putting food away, cleaning the grill, wiping everything down, and in Manoah's case, counting his till and doing other manager work. He agreed that given the circumstances, it was pretty reasonable for us to technically be 15 minutes late getting out, so I'm satisfied.
[2:15am - 2:30am] Waiting for somebody to come pick Manoah up. I'd already told him that regardless of who it was, I would ask them if I could get a ride as well, to have more time to get ready. It ended up being his sister, and I offered her one of the s'mores cookies I'd taken before leaving before asking if I could get a ride. She accepted it, and said yes, so I got in, and off we went.
[2:30am - 5:40am] Everything. Packing, showering, eating, panicking, and surely a couple others as well. Same as at work, I did get everything done in time, but it definitely wasn't the same as before, where I had a bit of time to relax.
[5:40am - 6:20am] Went to the train station. When we got there, Mom said she was just going to drop me off, instead of waiting for the train, so I was left on my own for about 30 minutes, standing outside at first, then going back inside to sit down, and finally going outside again when I felt that the train was about to arrive. Sure enough, a minute later, I saw lights round a corner way off in the distance, and from there, it was just a matter of waiting.
[6:20am - 10am] Was on the train. The first time I turned my laptop on after settling in though, I was greeted by a worrisome sight. Windows still started up, but none of my laptop's hardware was recognized. It all showed in the Device Manager, with specific names, at that, but trying to update, say, the graphics card driver from the context menu didn't work, so I tried restarting, hoping it was just a one-time thing. It wasn't, but fortunately, the solution was a simple one: reinstall the appropriate drivers, and reboot when prompted. I'm still not sure why that happened, and somewhat unhelpfully, searching Google for "laptop hardware not recognized on reboot" only turned up incidents related to specific hardware. Upon returning my laptop to working order though, I connected to the internet, and sent Dan a message to say that I was on the train, and at some point after that, asked how far we would have to go out of our way to get to the Walmart he mentioned before. As it goes, I forgot to get jelly beans in Chatham, and I do want to have more of those, because they were pretty popular last time. He said there was one in Dufferin Mall, and it took quite a while to eventually go to their site to check where it was. When I finally did though, I found that they also had a No Frills, so I told him we might as well look there for everything that was on my grocery list, and save some time that afternoon. He said that would be fine, and that was all I really had to say then. I went back to listening to music, and playing StepMania, then wrote a LiveJournal entry. Once I was finished with all of that, I packed my laptop away in my backpack again, and sat looking out the window for the remaining ~15 minutes.
[10am - 2pm] Everything once again. We went to the bank for Dan, then to Dufferin Mall for both of us, wherein we went to Walmart, then the food court, then Dollarama, then No Frills, then Dollarama again, then Walmart again, and finally back to the apartment, where I should've had some sleep. It was nearly 2 in the afternoon though, and I didn't know if I wanted to try to sleep for a couple hours right then, because I probably wouldn't want / be able to wake up again. What to do?
[2pm to 5pm] Baking. Specifically, cake, and chocolate chip cheesecake pie. The idea at first was to bake those first, then get some sleep while they were in the fridge cooling off, but no, I couldn't make it so simple for myself. They didn't take as long to make as I thought, and by the time I was finished those two, I was feeling awake enough to try to stay awake for a little while longer, so I told Dan I wanted to get the dough for s'mores cookies made up, and then, so long as he didn't have anything to do, we could go to Bulk Barn for candy.
[5pm to 7:30pm] Going out to Bulk Barn, and then, for supper. Before we left the apartment, I asked Dan to print off one of the coupons Bulk Barn had on their website - $3 off a purchase of $10 or more - but when we got there, there were difficulties. He found some big gummy mice that he thought would be neat to get, so I put some in a bag, but didn't grab too many, because they were larger than the other candies I had. Apparently that wasn't enough for him though, because he said he wanted to get more, and offered to pay for them. I had no reason to refuse so I gave him the bag, he got some more mice, and then we went up to the checkout. He had hoped that we could use the coupon for both transactions, but as expected, it could only be used for one, so after some indecision, I paid for all the candy, and it was agreed that he could pay me back by going to get something for supper just then. I thought Tim Hortons or Wendys would be fine, but he suggested Taco Bell, so off we went, all the while with me spouting off about what I could order. When we finally got there, I settled for a steak quesadilla combo with chili cheese fries (without chives) and a beef burrito, but yes. I imagine the person who took our order was also somewhat unimpressed with me, because since she didn't ask, him, I asked Dan "Would you like to donate a dollar to help end world hunger tonight?" His answer? "Umm, no, not today". Indeed. As I brought up when that came to mind again last night, by the next time he goes there, that could very likely be done, but it's not really important. We sat down to enjoy our meal, and I grumbled a bit about the way my burrito was wrapped, but it was nice all the same, and in spite of a false start home (Dan forgot to refill his drink), we made it back before too much later.

[7:30pm to 2am] Baking. So much more baking. I took it upon myself to finish baking everything then, so I wouldn't have to do anything today, and almost succeeded, aside from the giant cookies. Maybe I didn't bake them for long enough, or maybe I didn't measure one or more of the ingredients correctly, but one stuck to the bottom of the pan, and the other didn't keep its shape. Also, I was pretty much gone by the time I finshed up. Hell, by 10pm I was past the point of being aware of my actions, but not feeling like I was actually there. When measuring out margarine to make cookies, it felt like I was just watching somebody else push it down in the measuring cup. Words cannot express how gratifying it was to pull the final batch of cookies out of the oven, but even then, I wasn't done. I still wanted to clean off the top of the stove, because it was a mess (in Bungee's words, "We've been neglecting to clean that for a while now", and wash the dishes / wipe off the counter. When all of that was finally done though, well, I actually felt awake again. I was talkative as anything when I brought my laptop back into Dan's room, and moved about trying to stay out of his way while he made my bed, and was quite sure that I would probably stay awake until nearly 6am, but that wasn't to be.
[2am to 3am] Random activities. Playing a few levels of a Super Mario World hack, buying an album from Lapfox Trax, and contemplating responding to emails, but not quite getting to that, because of fatigue. By 3am, I was pretty much asleep, and that was more than enough for me.
[3am to 2pm Sleeping. Glorious sleep. I don't even remember having any dreams. Just waking up a couple times, rolling over, and falling asleep again. A pretty nice end to a very long day.

As for today, well, I've just spent a couple hours writing this, and I'm not sure what else will be happening. By the time it was too late yesterday, Dan realized that he wanted to get specially colored paper for staff name badges for tomorrow, so unless he's already gone to get that, we probably will be at some point today, and then there's setting up later this evening. I have nothing else to say right now though. We seem to have agreed that since he wants colored paper, and I want jelly beans, we might as well go out together. Right now, perhaps?

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