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All Ready for Tomorrow

This has (comparatively) been quite a short day. Woke up at 2, wrote my previous entry in here, went out with Dan to do some more running around, came back home and relaxed for a bit, helped set up the party room for tomorrow, relaxed for a bit more, and am now writing another entry, because I know if I don't, and just call it a night, I won't have time to write anything tomorrow, and I really don't want to get into missing days this month. I may not officially take part in this, but it's a worthwhile challenge nonetheless. That said, this paragraph is enough for a brief description of what happened today, but when it comes to what we actually did today, well...

Do I really want to get into this now? I think so, because it's at least somewhat important, not to mention interesting. Back when I was more upset over things concerning money, I told Dan that one of the reasons I was really hesitant about committing to buying a train ticket was my living situation. I can't say that I get the feeling anybody specifically wants me out of the house, but I need to get on with my life, which is exactly what I was getting at when I used those same words to end a different entry quite a while ago. The thing is, I really can't see living on my own. I'm not saying I don't prefer to keep to myself anymore, but there's something to be said for having somebody else around to interact with. My problem there, as I've probably described before, is that the only people I know at home are Manoah and George. I do get myself into lots of interesting situations, it seems. Moving on though, jump ahead to being here last night, and Dan came out to the living room while I was still baking, and vaguely suggested that I might find a place to live here, and be nearby. The only problem with that, he stated, is that I would then be 3~4 hours and ~$140 away from home, so going back to visit my family would be somewhat of an involved venture. Some time after that (I think I still had cookies to make, though), I went into his room to get a recipe or somesuch, and found open on his computer a webpage with a few listings for apartments. Interesting, yes? By no means has coming here as many times as I have been a subtle way of saying "Let me be a fourth roommate", but I'd be lying if I said that option wasn't still appealing. Not living here, in this apartment, that is, but finding someplace nearby, obviously with at least one roommate. On the flip side though, the idea of living here has a certain appeal because I can do things here that I can't do at home. If I could do the same things at home (live with friends and have furmeets, for example), I might want more to find an apartment there, and continue to come here whenever I could afford it.

As for today now, although I may have been awake for less time than I was yesterday (starting on Wednesday), it still felt pretty long. After writing an entry in here earlier, we went out to Walmart to look for jelly beans, and to Staples, to look for ribbons for name badges, and paper for parking passes. Our first stop was Staples, because it was closest out of Sherway Gardens, and although they didn't have ribbons, they did have paper which was almost the same color, but which Dan didn't want to buy right then, because it was too expensive. While there though, he did get a (free) photocopy of his passport, and then we were off to Walmart. On the way, we stopped at Payless so Dan could check how much was left on the gift card he had, and also apparently just to check what size his feet were (he does need new shoes though). Then we went to Walmart, and unlike the one at Dufferin Mall, they did have jelly beans, so I grabbed two bags, then we unsuccessfully went to find ribbons, followed by heading to the checkout, and that was it there. From what I thought we were going to do, that would've been everything altogether, but per usual, it was not. We went to McDonalds for supper, where Dan once again paid for my meal (he may not know it now, but I will pay for whatever he wants when we go for poutine, and I won't take no for an answer...), then to Staples, then briefly back to the bus stop we'd passed on the way from McDonalds to Staples, before deciding to head back to the one by the mall, because more buses passed through there. Instead of heading straight to the bus stop, however, we walked around Sherway Gardens for a bit, trying to find the Lego Store, and got sidetracked in Pottery Barn looking at all the neat things. Dan had to use the bathroom before we left after that, so we went up to the food court, where I saw two places I want to go to when we head back there on Sunday, and after that, finally, we headed over to the bus stop. And waited. Half an hour, it felt like, but it was more likely only 15~20 minutes, and I was quite irritable by the time the right bus pulled up. Setting things up in the party room after that was pretty standard, but only Dan, Bungee, and I were down there, so I suppose that's at least different. I started putting pop in the fridge first, but Dan took over when I realized that not everything would fit, so I went to help Bungee instead. The two of us worked on moving furniture around, and had one side of the middle room pretty much finished, before Dan came in, thought the couches might look better if they were swapped (so we swapped them), then thought they looked better the way they had been (so we put them back), and then he and I moved everything else where we wanted it to be, while Bungee worked on setting his stuff up in the far room. Everything is pretty well done there now, but there are still a couple signs to be hung tomorrow, and I have some other stuff to take down - cake and cheesecake pie, and chip / candy bowls and cookie trays, which are at least all in a neat pile on the table in the living room, so I don't have to go searching for everything in the morning.

Does that leave anything else? Probably a few scattered details, but I'd like to get a reasonable amount of sleep tonight, and I have my alarm set for 11am, so I'll just end this here. Oh, well, just before that, actually, Dan and I were talking a bit earlier about what I could help with, and he suggested both letting people into the building, and taking money. Back when I first asked if I could be staff at the next meet, I liked the idea of letting people in, because it sounded a little less involved, but now, I think I'd prefer to take money, if I'm given the choice. I figure I'll already sit behind the counter most of the day again, and that's right where the cash box is, so that would work nicely. We'll see what happens tomorrow~

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