Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

An Altogether Fun Day

Right away, I don't intend to make this a complete retelling of events from when I woke up this morning until now, but same as yesterday, if I don't write this now, I probably won't in the morning, and it's looking like we'll be out for nearly the entire day, so I don't want to take any chances.

Today, obviously, was the day of the furmeet. I woke up at 11, and just about the same as back in August, made sure I was the first one down there. I had to make several trips, for cheesecake pie, cake, and bowls for candy and such, but once I got settled in, I was more or less assigned the task I said I hoped for last night: taking money from / giving change to people, and writing all of their names / how much they paid in the attendance list. I once again spent nearly the entire day behind the counter as a result, but really, the biggest problem I had from that was eating too much. With all the cookies, candy, and pop within easy reach, it was way too easy to eat more than I should've. Some six cans of pop, three pieces of pizza, about one full small bowl of candy total, only ~3 cookies (because I wanted everybody else to have them), one piece of cheesecake pie, one piece of cake, and three pieces of pizza. Yeah. It's not related, but something crossed my mind while I was down there. One of the other times I was here before, I got really irritable on account of not taking a break while I was making cookies, and spending too much time in the kitchen. In the (angry) LiveJournal entry I subsequently wrote, I posited that the in-apartment parties we had a couple times before here could've been Dan's way of warming me up to the idea of a furmeet again. He assured me that that wasn't his intent, but I still wonder. Back when we had those other parties, I was still mostly opposed to the idea of taking part in a furmeet, but now, I'm okay with it, and it's ever so slightly something that I find fun. Why, in all likelihood? What I wrote about before regarding finding my role. I like to help. I can't just go and... mingle.

I'm rapidly falling more and more asleep here though, so before that completely takes over to the point where I cease writing this, here are memorable parts of the day:

a] Babs made a couple (loud) announcements to everybody that she wanted to do something new, which would be giving a free pencil sketch to whoever wanted one. After some hesitation, and deciding that I would regret not taking advantage of the offer more, I excused myself to go up to the apartment again to put a reference picture on my PSP, and then went back down to wait my turn. It's pretty much a non-pixel version of that pixel PSP icon I have, and I might not be able to scan it until I get home, but that was neat, and it's something that I'll be able to remember the meet by, but which didn't cost any money
b] Being left in charge of the money overall. I did get kind of miffed at Dan when he insisted on writing names down in the attendance list, but I kept the key for that cash box in my pocket for the entire morning, afternoon, and evening, so I'm fairly confident I was the only one in there, except for when the pizza came. As I told Dan when we first came up to the apartment afterward, I enjoyed having that to do, and appreciated him letting me do it, so I'm hoping to be able to do the same again sometime. Whenever that is though, I will surely have to make more baked treats, and buy more candy. Problem is, that whenever that happens to be once again, I'll buy / make what would've been enough for this time, and end up having more than I need for some reason
c] Kinjry showed up for several hours, and ended up winning the netbook that was up for raffle, by purchasing $50 worth of tickets (which were $5 each). Considering the things I heard about what him living here was like from Xion, I was surprised to interact with somebody who was generally upbeat and energetic, and expressed noted interest in returning for the next meet. Then again though, that possibly shouldn't come as a surprise, because at least for now, it's Xion who's changed. I've been here since Thursday afternoon, and the only time I've seen the door to his room open so far is when Chris was going to pay for the pizza they'd ordered. Could I say something? There's nothing stopping me from knocking on the door and poking my head in to say hi, sure, but I'm not going to, because I have no reason to bother him.
d] While I'm still not sure I was actually entitled to it, I took one of the pieces of paper with "STAFF" printed on it to add to my name tag / badge, and got to feel somewhat important. When Dan eventually noticed, he said what that really meant was that people could now say "Let me bug you with questions!", but while there were a few, I don't recall any I couldn't provide the answer to. Also, perhaps it's just because I've been there several times in a row now, but quite a few people hugged me goodbye as they were doing the same with everybody else, when in the past, there were only one or two. Kind of neat how that worked out.

It's now time I was off to bed though, because we have another early morning tomorrow (I'm not sure if anybody else is coming with us for the buffet, but we still want to be there for 1pm), and it's already almost 5pm. I should go check to make sure I locked the door first, however. I'm pretty sure I did, but I can't say for certain, and I don't want to take the chance. It's not too far away~

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