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Another Last-Minute Entry

Same as yesterday, more or less. Today, we went to the zoo, and were going to hike back to the bus stop, but I changed my mind after I thought of some thing else I could get for Christmas. As such, instead, we were going to go to Sherway Gardens, since I knew there was a Sears there, but about partway to the subway station, Dan suggested that we could go to a different mall, and that's exactly what we ended up doing. We went back to Kennedy station first, but from there, instead of taking the subway home, went upstairs, and took the Scarborough RT out to Scarborough Town Center, and... did some shopping. All in all, we were out for ~12 hours, and although we're somewhat watching an episode of Flip Men right now (he's on his phone, and I'm typing on my laptop), I'm considering going out to 7-11 for snacks, because I wanted to go there at some point while I was here. As for the rest of the night, I need to pack up as much as I can, and I want to go over everything in the box Dan found for me to keep my baking supplies in, so I have my own list of what's left. I do still intend to pick up on what I mentioned yesterday, because it is really personally meaningful, but as it goes, I just don't have enough time tonight. I don't think we have anything planned for early tomorrow morning though, so maybe I'll set aside some time to take care of that. We'll see though. I might like to do other things more, depending~