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I Want More Time

Hard to believe it's been a week already. There have been ups, and there have most certainly been downs as well, but for the love of everything that is good in this world, as I told Dan just as we were leaving the apartment, in spite of those issues, or perhaps because of them, I a] really wish I didn't have to go home, and B] can understand what he meant before, when he said he (really) likes spending time with me. Prior to this afternoon, my plans for today were mostly to go to Demetri's before heading the train station, then get on the subway, talk for a bit while waiting in the departures area, and see each other off, but they turned out rather differently. Because of what happened back on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning (not sure if I'll get to that now, because we're only an hour from Chatham), and our subsequent talk about how I felt, I was perfectly content, and in fact would have preferred (if asked to make a choice) to stay in the apartment and do things with him. We played a game of Scrabble, which I won by a fair few points (even though he wouldn't let me start with "Poland", which would've used all of my letters, as my other piece was one of the wildcard bits), I took proper inventory of my baking supplies (the list is in my wallet at the moment), we watched TV for a little while, and even played frisbee with a Pringles can lid (I hit him in the head twice). All in all, it was a really enjoyable afternoon, but one thing did happen that concerns something else which I hadn't wanted to write about before, because I was still there.

As mentioned back in my entry from Friday morning (I think) last week, the two of us went to do some shopping once I arrived in Toronto, and one of the places we went to was Dollarama. While there, he told me that Xion was being fairly antisocial, and that it was even more pronounced than before. I saw for myself throughout the week, by the fact that not counting this morning, I saw Chris all of twice, and Xion not once, because they had the door to that room closed the entire time. I could hear talking, and at a couple different points, could smell something being smoked, and only once did I ever hear Chris talking tersely to Xion, eventually leading to me wondering if I could leave today without ever seeing both of them out of their room at once. As it turned out though, Chris came out this afternoon, to put his shoes on, so I said hi, then changed my mind, and said that I should actually say "hi" and "bye" since I was leaving later on. His response was "That sucks", followed by something else I can't remember, and then a rather annoyed remark (I don't think it was directed at me) about having respect for other people. Following that, he walked back down the hallway, and both of them came out a short time later, Xion all dressed in his coat and everything, and went out. I tried saying hi to him as well, but he didn't respond, which I find kind of amusing, because it's exactly what I would expect given what Dan said about him. They came back a little while later carrying some groceries, and before they went back into their room again, Dan asked Xion "How are you getting to [Midwest] Furfest?", to be met with a reply of "I'm not going anymore". Interesting, that. I don't mean to sound completely dispassionate and cold to the situation, but he wasn't like that before, so I wonder what happened.

In regards to other odds and ends, well... I got paid ~$600 last night. Put my balance right back up to over $900, and that's with money to give to Mom for groceries already withdrawn, which I find pretty cool. Mind you, there's no saying how much I'll make the week after next, now that I've been gone away for half a pay period, but another $300 seems reasonable to expect. Just aside from that, though, as I told Dan several times, I have no way of knowing what I'll return to at work, short of going there once I get back to Chatham tonight, which I'd rather not do. When I left, things were fairly tense, and it seemed that no matter what happened, at least one person would no longer be working there by the time I got home. I know it sounds selfish, but I hope that doesn't affect plans for going back to Toronto in the future. Thus far, I want to do something in Feburary, because Dan said he already has the party room booked for another furmeet then, which reminds me of something else that I will jump off on a tangent to mention. Due to staying in this afternoon, we didn't leave until ~5:50. As a result of that, by the time we made it to Union Station, boarding for the train home was just starting, leaving me with not very much time to say everything to Dan that I wanted to say. I ended up telling him (paraphrased) "Thanks for everything, really. Thanks for buying supper tonight," (he bought some chicken and a couple chocolate croissants from Rabba, and the chicken and some rice were supper, which I ate out of a big paper cup on the subway (which was amazing)) "and for letting me help at the furmeet," (I was unofficially put in charge of registration, and in spite of coming out of the day with a mystery surplus of $18, I want to do that again, more officially, which he said is absolutely fine, because it gives him more time to talk to people) "and thanks for your patience with continuing to talk about those issues" (the things I mentioned not currently having enough time to write about above), then gave him a big hug, which he giggled during the middle of (I presume it was a good thing), and tried to tell him that I hope the things he's on his way to Oshawa for tonight go well, as does going to MFF, because he's essentially been made a manager of the art show this year, which seems like a pretty substantial (and thus rewarding) responsibility to be tasked with. That also reminds me of something else though. On the subway ride home from the zoo yesterday, he said that if I didn't have to go home today ("tomorrow" at that point), he might take me to Chicago with him, so I could be staff at a proper convention, which I think I would enjoy. I do realize there are certain difficulties with that right away, such as that my passport is locked away at home, for one, but yeah, I would totally (listen to me here...) like to do that. I really enjoy helping out at the furmeet - maybe the staff card I took was somewhat only in title this time - but that is precisely what I enjoy doing.

We're about 20 minutes away from Chatham right now though, so I ought to pack this up, and enjoy the rest of the ride looking out the window into blackness. I should have things to look forward to at home, but right now, what I'd really like to do is just think back on the week, and all the fond memories I have of it. I really hope February works out, because I definitely want to go again <3

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