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Getting Back to Normal

So many different things I could write about today, and no real way of knowing where to start. I suppose I'll make a list, and cover as much as possible in the hour and a half (or so) that's left~

a] The State of Things at Work

As stated several times previously, I really didn't know what to expect before I made it there last night. Given things discussed before I went away, it seemed reasonable to assume that either Mary or Manoah would not be there anymore, but that was not the case. As it turns out, they're both still there, and in spite of what seemed to be brewing a couple weeks ago around this time, everything pretty well blew over. There are still some resentments on his part, and while she is at least talking to him now, she's overly sweet, to the point of disingenuity. I learned on the way home last night (Tryphena gave me a ride, because Manoah wanted to pick something up here) that their mom made another customer complaint, but as of that point, neither of them knew what she'd said. As for how I fit into this whole scenario in light of these developments, I still don't, really. They don't concern me, apart from the fact that I'm an employee there, but I won't deny myself the opportunity to be kept apprised of what's going on. Manoah closes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for at least the next couple weeks, so if not tonight, I'm sure I'll hear about what she said before too long.

b] So Many Emails (and None that I Want to Write)

Suppose a list within a list would be acceptable? Yes, but only so long as I use letters and numbers. I think there are five in total, and a brief description of each is as follows, in no particular order:

b1 Send a proper reply to Totts. I last emailed her on the 4th, to say that I was still interested in talking and getting to know her, but that I was too busy with things in Toronto. I may not be in Toronto anymore, but six days later, and I still haven't responded. Then again, neither has she, and I did at least ask if she had MSN in the reply that I did send.
b2 Email Trish to ask if she has any pictures on her computer that she really likes, and if not, what sorts she prefers, which I need to know in order to get her another Christmas gift. Same as with Totts though, I... just haven't gotten around to it, but I'd better find some time soon, as I only have until about the end of the month.
b3 Reply to Qemba to tell her what I want from the final unfilled slot I have from her. The problem here is that I don't know what I want, because the picture in question will be made into an actual painting, which I will receive in the amil, and I don't want to... squander that. I'd better hurry up and decide about that as well though, because if I continue to linger in indecision, she'll manage to get her computer fixed, and I'll have lost my chance.
b4 Possibly ask Brandon where the money he owes me is. I made sure to purchase the batteries he wanted as soon as I got home on Thursday, and sent him the total immediately thereafter, but it's now Saturday, and I've yet to hear back from him. Fortunately, however, the items I purchased are being shipped to me this time, so if I get them before he's paid, he won't receive them until I'm paid.
b5 Get back to somebody I won an auction from on Furbuy to let them know what I think of the first picture. They're little pixel-style feral images, and I quite like the first one (I purchased two), but there is one detail I didn't ask to have changed before, which I wish I had now, so I'm not sure whether I should just let that go, or offer to compensate them if they're willing to go back and change it.
b6 Roughly same as the above, reply to somebody else from whom I won an auction for a commission to let them know what I think of the sketch. I haven't actually looked at the sketch, though, and right at the beginning of their reply, they said they'd never drawn a snow leopard before, so it took them a bit longer to get the anatomy right. Meanwhile, the commission in question is only for a headshot, so... yeah.
b7 Contact FriedCanine. I'm not sure how he feels about his real name being used, so I'll stick with that for now, but I saw him at work last night. He, or somebody he was with had ordered food, and he came up to the window for it. I recognized him, and said hi, and I think something like "I haven't seen you in a while". He responded in kind, then asked if I had Facebook. I said I didn't, but told him that I would send him an email when I got home from work, and he said that would work out better, because he'd lost mine. Him being on this list should make it obvious that I haven't emailed him yet, but I wonder what will come of that.

I think that's all, and I'm pretty sure what it's going to come down to is me not responding for another several days, and then on Tuesday, telling myself that I'm not going out for snacks without replying to all of them first. It'd be nice if it works out that way, but really, I should try to get back to everybody sooner than that.

I sincerely doubt there were only two main things on my mind when I started writing this, but having finished with those, I can't think of anything else both specific and substantial to talk about. There are of course other odds and ends though, so let's see about those... I presume I'll be going grocery shopping this coming Wednesday, for one, and if I do, I'll also be heading over to Dollarama to get wrapping paper. Why wait to start wrapping the Christmas presents I have so far? It's kind of funny how it took me three years to realize wrapping things ahead of time would make for less work closer to Christmas, but that's one thing. Secondly, most obviously because of the state of mind and mood I was still in at work tonight, the way I interacted with Manoah was slightly different than normal. I'm usually not one to spare a friendly insult with him, if something good comes to mind, but last night, I didn't do that, most likely because I was trying to preserve the feeling of the way I interacted with Dan. Maybe we'll eventually come to the point where I start making friendly jabs at him too, but probably not, because he and Manoah are two different people. I think it's really just trying to extend that feeling for as long as possible. I've actually hung my badges from the past three furmeets to the string attached to my fan's light switch, because I like the memories that come from those, and towards the rest, I suppose it just makes this transition to being back at home that little bit easier. Third, Manoah was here for a good ten minutes on the way home last night, to help me dig through boxes in the spare room for something. When I finally got to the very bottom of the box at the very bottom of the pile, I grabbed that something, and handed it to him. What was it? A 3D puzzle I got for Christmas many years ago, when I was much smaller. I remember getting Dad's help to try and assemble it once, but I didn't have the patience, or it was just to difficult or something, and it got put away and eventually moved into the spare room after that. Then, at work last night, we randomly got onto the topic of those puzzles, and I said he could have mine, because I had no use for it. I also told him that same as Brandon does from time to time, if he ever sees any online (mainly on eBay) that he wants, he can let me know, and I'll buy them for him, so long as he pays me back. Fourth and final, in spite of yesterday night being my first close after a week away, I was put on line. It was a fairly standard night from then until ~1:30, but at that time, something interesting happened. We didn't have enough fries for a customer's order, so I went down to the window and explained that it'd be a couple minutes. He didn't seem entirely okay with that though, so I told him he could have nachos instead of the other fries, if he didn't want to wait. He said that would be fine, and I said "Sorry about that!" as I walked away to finish making their food, and when I took it back to the window (Tom was at the back washing dishes at the time), I found $3, which hadn't been there before. Nice, yes? A little friendliess clearly goes a long way.

With that said though, I have a couple previously-forgotten details to add to my entry from yesterday, and then however much time is left after that to do nothing until I have to leave for work. I already know it's going to be an interesting night, because of something that'll be happening around 10~10:30, but I'm rather looking forward to it, so... come what may. I feel ready for whatever might happen~

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