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No Title for Today

I could procrastinate forever, at this rate. I've been home from Heart and Stroke since ~5:30, and in the almost two and a half hours that have passed since then, I haven't written so much as a word in here. Instead, I decided right then (when I got home) was a fine time to clean up my room, after which I wanted to start writing an entry in here, but couldn't, because thoughts of emails left to write wouldn't go away, so I took care of all but one of those (actually, I played a Super Mario World hack for a bit, then took care of all but one of those), and am now writing this, even though I'd rather be playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Such a fun afternoon and evening, but I feel like it's not entirely undeserved. I did just put in four decent shifts at work (even last night with Laura), as well as a couple more hours of numbering kits and Heart and Stroke, and a trip to the mall on the way home from that, for wrapping paper and a couple additional things. This night might be slightly better if I knew I didn't have to wake up early again tomorrow afternoon, but oh well to that. I made it up to kit 320 / box 20 out of 1,300 / 65, so I'm about a third of the way there. My goal is to have those finished by the end of the month, because I'm sure if they aren't, Michele will be displeased. I just wonder if I can put in ~2 hours of work tomorrow without interruption. The first time I went, I had to disconnect one of the old computers, and hook up a new one in its place. This week, I had to disconnect the old modem, and replace it with a new one. In both cases, Michele insisted they were things she didn't know enough about to do them herself, but I really don't see how she couldn't match the connectors on the back, or, in the case of the modem, disconnect / reconnect one wire at a time, so nothing goes to the wrong place. That's exactly what I did, because I still know little to nothing about networking, and it worked fine (even if I didn't know that at first). I don't mind being taken off my assigned task to do other things, but I would still like to get that work done.

As for actual work last night, it went well, for the simple fact that there were very few customers after 11. I know I did some extra cleaning, but apart from the drive through window(s), nothing comes to mind. What does, however, is what I said to Laura. When I first walked in there, both she and Trypehna were at the back, and I was almost ready to say "I don't want to start this night off badly, but...", but I went to the very back to check the schedule first, and when I turned around again, they were gone. I didn't say anything when I saw her after I'd changed into my uniform though, because I was (in a manner of speaking) quickly running out of steam, which I told myself was fine, because she wasn't using the phone anyway. Then, just after ~11:30 though, I saw her talking on it while cleaning the fry dump, and couldn't put it off any longer. After repeating myself a couple times, because she didn't hear me, I told her that Mary wanted me to let her know if when when I observed her (Laura) using the phone for personal calls, but that I wouldn't say anything, so long as she wasn't using it while making orders. She looked at me, said "That's fine" in a nonchalant tone of voice, and went back to cleaning / talking. Maybe that's not what Mary intended for me to do, but Mary also never said that she wanted me to tell Laura she couldn't use the phone. I try to stay neutral, but as with yesterday's topic, it's complicated too.

I believe this will be it for another day though. I want to take some time to relax, as well as to think about what to have for supper (candies at Heart and Stroke earlier today are all I've eaten, and they don't quite cut it). Paper Mario first though. One level of that should satisfy me for long enough to deal with the other things~

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