Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Where is the Mail?

It feels like it's been nearly a month since I went to get my health card renewed, but I've yet to see any sign of it. Furthermore, just before I went away at the beginning of the month, I purchased a certain item on eBay (something to do with personal hygiene), and it's yet to arrive as well. I thought it might last week, but no, not then, and here we are more or less one day into this week, with apparently no mail having been delivered at all. It had better start coming again, because I am waiting for more Christmas gifts now, which reminds me that I still have to get on with figuring out what to get for Trish. Such a busy afternoon, even though it didn't feel that way earlier, and to think that if I had gone to Heart and Stroke, I'd have even less time now, because I'd have very likely gone to the bank to deposit the check for $22.75 that came last Friday, and also to the mall, to look at wallets. I don't absolutely need a new one, but the one I have now is getting kind of worn out, and I found a couple designs online (this one or this one) that I like the looks of. Perhaps I should add that to my Christmas list though. I can't remember if I mentioned it in here or not, but on the assumption that I didn't, I have $100 from Mom and Dad to work with this year, along with an unknown amount from Trish. I know for a fact that she already purchased a new set of PSP headphones for me (I really only want the remote), and has another gift from last year that she forgot to bring, but as for the rest? I don't know, and I'm rather surprised to find that there are only two weeks left in November. I'd better start thinking soon... I'll probably get a new wallet tomorrow though.

Continuing with the theme of the past several days, I feel mostly alright, if a little bored right now, and I'm fairly confident Instantbird will be opened again by the time I go to bed. I'm also fairly confident that while I'm at work, I'll really look forward to going home and opening it, to see what I've missed, because almost the exact same thing happened yesterday. All night at work, I was anticipating going home, tidying up my room, and immediately setting aside some time to reply to Squeeze, but in the end, I made it through the first step, but didn't manage the second until earlier this afternoon. I feel like I might be getting ahead of myself with one thing I said, and feel like a bit of a fool for saying "hear hear" instead of "here here" in another, but that reply is sent nonetheless, and now I really only have commission-related emails to respond to. I think that if I haven't dealt with those by the end of the night as well, I will be really upset with myself. Totts still hasn't responded, but that doesn't bother me as much because I archived that conversation, and everything else is... well, piling up like I just said. Maybe I'll actually end this early again, so I can take care of those before I leave. I still have ~20 minutes, and am a bit too frustrated with Bowser's Castle in Superstar Saga to continue that right now, so... that sounds good. Maybe after work, I'll start on figuring out Trish's second gift~

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