Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Somewhere I've Never Been

It sort of seems to be that this shouldn't be such a big deal, but I went to the mall on the way home from Heart and Stroke today, yes? As planned, I purchased a new wallet (the red / pinkish one), but instead of heading back downstairs and exiting the same way I came in, or through the doors out to King St, I turned to the right immediately out of the store, and went through the parking garage. At first, I thought I might just walk around the long way down (around / through / down each floor, that is), but then saw the stairwell up ahead, and decided to take that. It smelled strongly of paint, and was really quite fascinating (in a mundane way) to walk down, then I came to the exit on the bottom floor, turned to the right, took a couple steps, turned to the right again, and that was that. I suppose there's a very small chance I was in there before as a small child, because Dad used to work there, but the only memories I have of anything like that are hazy, and mostly involve walking through the back hallways, and finding my way into the back room of some arcade that used to be up on the second floor. Oh, and also being in the office with someone in management, who gave me / shared with me a small carton of chocolate milk. Interesting things...

As for the afternoon before that, it was productive. I'm sure I said something about it on Thursday last week, but I left off at kit 840 last time I was in, which left me feeling like I didn't have too much left to do. Indeed, I do not, as with the time I put in today, I was able to get up to kit 1,100. That's 260, if I'm not mistaken, so if there are only 200 left, and I can be there until 5 tomorrow as it's not my week to go grocery shopping, I just might be able to finish the rest then. Just wait though... Starting on Thursday last week, instead of listening to music, I was listening to the audiobook version of A Wrinkle in Time, because the title sounded vaguely familiar when I happened upon the torrent. As of today, I was about two thirds of the way through, and it was still really interesting, but with less to do tomorrow than before, I might finish my work before the end of the book, and wouldn't that be a shame... I suppose I could find enough to fill in the rest of the time - go to Dollarama for snacks, or head up to the bank to deposit the check that I forgot about today - but go figure and all that. Michele might have other work in mind too, but given her deadline of December 10th to have all the kits numbered by, and the fact that this year's Christmas party is on the 13th, the 10th might potentially be the last day I see her until the new year. I haven't yet decided about going to the Christmas party this year though. She already did explain that as she's paying for it out of her own pocket, and it is for office volunteers only, my appearance would not be an issue. It's out at Country View, same as last year, and she's paying $10 for everybody, so it wouldn't be too much more if I wanted to get something extra, but... I don't know. The 13th is also my birthday, and while I might normally choose to go to a party such as that one instead of doing things at home on my own, I would be lying if I said that the thought of possibly doing something with Squeeze / Totts / Evo (any cominbation thereof) hadn't crossed my mind. Also, if I go to that Christmas party, I will almost certainly choose to walk home, to go to Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore along the way. It's mostly just that I've never walked home from someplace that far away before, and think it would be fun, but we'll have to see then.

In other news, I now have five people on my MSN list. After an ordeal wherein I had to install Pidgin in VirtualBox just to add her to my list, I was able to successfully get Squeeze on there too, and we talked for a bit. Before we actually started talking, she was just on her way out to 7-11 for cigarettes, so I could've gone to meet her then, but didn't, and... that's okay. I didn't want anything from there, and probably wouldn't have had much to say, but in spite of that, we still had a nice (and interesting) conversation when she returned. Right now, I'm waiting to hear back from Dan as to whether or not she told him the same things we talked about last night, because they'll definitely need to be taken into consideration in planning a furmeet here, and apart from that, it was just fun talking to somebody new, but as per usual, I did get all shaky and excited. It's more an unusual feeling than a bad one, but... yeah. One other interesting (but unrelated bit) of our conversation was her saying that if she wasn't having issues with bedbugs, she'd have invited me over along with Totts and Evo tonight. For context, I said my plans for tomorrow (today) should also consist of finding things to do later at night so I didn't just go to bed early again, but in spite of that, I'm making do. I was considering going to Sobeys instead of 7-11 for snacks (mostly for the yogurt, granola, and fruit bowls I see in their flyer), but figure that can either be saved for on the way home tomorrow, or just maybe (depending on how much I get paid) I'll order some supper from Pizza Tonite just before we leave work, and ask for it to be delayed about half an hour so I'll be at home by the time it arrives. Money is an issue though, because between buying more Christmas gifts and those game guides several days ago, I'm down to ~$700 in my checking account, and have only ~$40 cash. Still not really bad, but I'd like to have some extra above $1,000 for when Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore are open 24 hours. With time, hopefully.

Other things aside though, I think I've said enough for today. I don't really have the interest to continue on with Superstar Saga just yet, because the enemies in Bowser's Castle are annoying, but in the meantime, I could pick up where I left off with Picross 2, or start into Partners in Time. Probably the first, because it's really been quite a while since I did anything in it...

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