Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Sufficient Cause to Be Annoyed

Why couldn't the closers next weekend be the same as this one coming up? If Mary, Cheryl, and I were scheduled to close again then, I would stand a better chance of being able to ask Tom if he'd take my shift on Saturday, but no, it has to be him, James, and I again. Why is that a concern? Because only about half an hour ago, I indirectly learned that there's another family get-together being held in Wingham next Saturday, which I'd like to go to, but as of this moment can't. Who could I ask to cover my shift? Tom is literally the only other regular closer (managers aside), and is already scheduled to close, leaving me in a bit of a difficult spot. How about Danny? I remember Mary saying she could put him on a close when I asked about having time off earlier this month before, but it's a weekend, so he probably already works, and if he doesn't, has other things he would like to do, yes? On the other hand, it wouldn't be so terrible to not be able to go with everybody - I could certainly find something special to do here - but so long as there's a sliver of a chance, I'd really like to go. Mom and Dad were talking about wanting to leave at 8am, to be there at 11, which would mean I'd pretty well have to stay awake all night and all day again, like I did when I went to visit Dan, and I think that would be fun to do a second time. I mean, I almost want to wrap this up here, and head out to work, so I can get a head start on trying to find somebody to cover my shift. Mary closes both tomorrow and Saturday, which would be perfect for having her make that change on the schedule, but that detail is hardly important right at this moment. That sounds like a decent place to start though. Go to work, and ask James for the schedule so I can at least have a look at it, instead of sitting here worrying for the rest of the night. In similar news, I mentioned the bowl of chicken noodle soup I put in the fridge yesterday, right? When I went downstairs to get it earlier this afternoon, it was nowhere to be found. Adam ate it, because he didn't "get any either". There's nothing to be done about it now, I realize, but it still annoys me. Oh well. That could be something to keep in mind to ask to have for supper on my birthday this year.

Other than that though, I got paid ~$330 last night, putting my balance over $1,000, but only until I go to the bank to get gas money for Mom. On top of that, TekSavvy will take their payment soon enough, and I still have a few Christmas presents to buy, so... my goal for the next two weeks is to stay above $800. If (by whatever stroke of luck) I am able to get next Saturday off, I won't quite make $600 again, but that's fine, as I'd still stand to be above ~$1,100, and why can't I think of anything else to say now? This may have been a pretty standard day so far, but... That's really about it. I've mostly just been playing Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, and thinking about what to do later. Up until I had the idea to go work and have a look at the schedule, I was going to go out to Dollarama for more juice, but I don't think I can do both, so I'll wait until later, and go to 7-11 instead. Per usual lately now though, this is done here, so I can go check the schedule at work. Hopefully something can be worked out~

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