Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Back to Nice Weather Again

Technically that's not exactly true, as I enjoyed yesterday more without the wind and rain, but there's something really calming about waking up to see the sky all gray and overcast outside. Now all I can hope is that I am remembering correctly, and Walmart starts staying open 24 hours on / the day after Black Friday. Even if they are though, I might not be able to make it out there tonight, as my legs are still fairly sore from the extra walking around I did yesterday. Just before I get to that though, let's start with the main subject from my entry yesterday: wanting next Saturday off, even though the schedule is already posted.

On the way to work, I had hopes that Danny, Cheryl, or even Trypehna would be available. Mary did say Danny could close before, Cheryl actually has closed before, but would almost certainly be scheduled for another shift, and Tryphena would be in about the same position as her. Upon making it there, well, suffice it to say, I quickly narrowed down the possibilities. I was very close to accepting that I couldn't switch with, or have my shift taken by anybody, but then Cheryl came back, and asked what was going on. I explained (for the third time, by that point), and in spite of being scheduled to work 11am - 8pm both Saturday and Sunday, said having to close on Saturday and be back in for 11 the next day wouldn't be a problem. Somewhat in disbelief, I asked if she was sure, and she said yes somewhat tentatively, before adding that we could discuss it with Mary tomorrow (tonight), as we would both see her. Following that, she asked if I would be able to take "that shift", and I, assuming she was referring to Sunday, said I might be able to start as early as 2, if they needed me. Thinking about that now, 3, or preferably 4 would be better, but I'm starting to feel uncertain. I'm going to make a cake even if I can't go, and assuming I'm able to work something out with Cheryl to have her take that shift, I will effectively have to stay awake all night and day again, as mentioned before, which I'm slightly more opposed to doing knowing I wouldn't have the day off afterward, and might even be needed to work over supper, at that. Maybe I'm better off just missing this one, and admonishing whoever neglected to inform me this time to let me know a month or so in advance next. Until Dad said he didn't mind driving home late at night, Mom was even planning to spend the night there, which just... wouldn't work. Now, were this get-together being held in Mississauga, I would absolutely do whatever it took to put work aside, as I'd really like to see family during the day, and then, while everybody else is asleep, walk up to visit Dan, and possibly even leave directions to be picked up there in the morning. I may not know how to get to Dundas offhand, but that, combined with needing to know what direction I'm facing, are all I would need. We'll see about all of that at work tonight, but for now, it just looks like too much hassle.

In other news, I walked around more yesterday than normal, yes? Right from the start, it isn't normal for me to go to work on a Thursday, but I did that, and made it back inside of an hour, which is about normal. After that, it was around 11pm that I decided to head out to Sobeys, and found my legs all stiff and sore from the walk I'd gone on before, even though I had a couple hours to relax at home. Finally, at ~2:30am, I felt that I still wanted to go to 7-11, so I did, but took a roundabout way there. Up Lacroix to Grand Ave, and from there, down past the hospital to St. Clair. My legs weren't as sore that time, and I was really enjoying the walking around, so instead of just heading straight home along the route I've taken to / from work many a time, I walked down by the river, and at the other end of the street, was faced with two separate thoughts. In one, I knew that Totts and her boyfriend / husband lived (/ live) in the apartment building just down the street to the left a bit, so in spite of still not having heard from her (I want it to get up to a month...), if I knew which apartment she lived in, and could say with reasonable certainty that she would still be awake, I could head down there and say hi. As for the other thought, that park just down next to the bridge (not Tecumseh) is interesting. I cannot recall ever having been in it, but I want to, because in spite of being right off a busy street, it seems nice and secluded and out-of-the-way. Probably small, as well, but I'm fairly positive that when Dan comes here, I'd like to take him there just to walk around / sit for a bit. We could walk around the park across the river too, because even though I used to know it like the back of my hand (not that I know that very well...), I've not been in years. Is that pond still there? I could go back and sit on the same steps up to the band shell that I sat on before, when I realized my pants were torn between the legs, just as we were going to a concert across the street. How about the walkway down by the river? I remember somebody in high school lending me their copy of Majora's Mask, so I could collect all of the stray fairies in the final temple. I took that path home from school every day, but because I was walking very close to water, checked about every ten seconds to make sure the game was still in my pocket. Or how about around the same time, carrying stacks of floppy disks home, in hopes that whatever game I had stored on them could be successfully unzipped? I used to think I was the only one who knew about spanning archives over multiple disks, and tried so very hard to get Golden Sun 2 home via that method, but couldn't, due to the cold, as I assumed at the time. I wrapped the disks in paper towl, and put them in a plastic bag, but still nothing, and now? I couldn't care less about the game, and CCI as I knew it doesn't exist anymore.

That'll probably be enough reminiscing for today though. My plans for this afternoon aren't many, but I need some time to think about what I want to do next weekend, and know already that I can find other things to do to keep myself busy. Maybe I should try to talk to Dan though, or at least send him an email to explain / ask some more things that we could talk about, or maybe before that I really ought to find somewhere to put the granola bars and cheese / breadsticks and crackers I bought from Sobeys last night. They're kind of in the way right now...

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