Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'll Take Another Hour

I feel plans for tonight are pretty simple. Somewhat interesting too though, because I'm finally starting to get over feeling worked up again. I laid in bed before going to sleep for a good little while last night thinking about things, and came to some reasonable conclusions. Regarding most of where seeing Dan and Blake cuddling has me, I do realize now that the two of them doing that doesn't make them better friends than he and I, but the lingering bit is that I would still like to be able to cuddle as they do, because as yet, it's something I am unable to. Alternatives to that can be worked out though - talking to each other, for example, so that way if Blake is there while I'm there in the future and the two of them do end up cuddling, I can feel secure in knowing that Dan and I share something similar, but beyond that, there's more. Did I write about his idea to ask people if they were interested in going to the zoo on Sunday following the next furmeet? If not, I didn't like that idea, because hey, it's kind of our thing, and I went back and forth for a little while thinking about what I would do in that situation, before finally coming up with a good answer. On one hand, going with other people doesn't make it any less our thing, and on the other, going on Sunday doesn't mean we can't make plans to go on our own at a later date. That's two down, but what about the third? It is, simply stated, the fact that Totts hasn't yet responded to my second proper email, which just bothers me. Should I be the one to download / install Skype, or (perish the thought) consider buying a cell phone in order to be able to more easily talk to her? I know for a fact the only reason I'm so anxious about wanting her to reply is because I know she has the ability (as evidenced by her talking to Dan) to get in contact with people on a somewhat regular basis, yet for some reason doesn't seem to realize that I'm still here waiting. I'm not sure how long ago she last responded, but if it gets to a month, I may just send her an email to say "I can't do this. If you want to meet up in person and get acquainted with each other that way, let me know, but I can't wait a month, if not more for a response to a simple email". I sincerely believe that neither she nor he (Dan) mean to rub me the wrong way by not responding or telling me that they've talked to the other recently, but it does bother me.

In other news, I've now received several of the packages I was waiting on (still no sign of those items I purchased over a month ago), have an email from Dan to read, and possibly a different night at work, because I intend to keep the drive through light on. Normally I turn it off once I've finished stocking and cleaning that area, but I noticed on Saturday night that keeping it on helped me to remain in a better mood toward customers. Maybe that's even the key to getting into that really rushed, productive state. I'm most looking forward to coming home though. Go to 7-11 for some more snacks, possibly continue to read scary stories, and see what Dan said. All I've read so far is his second reply to say that he hadn't said anything to Blake about what was / what he presumed to be going on with me then, and that he wouldn't plan for him to be over when I'm there next time, because he would rather spend time with me for the "short time" that I'm there. Meanwhile, I was there for an entire week, and Blake was there for about 24 hours. Yeah. We'll see about that later~

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