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Karadur Inacu 

Am I An Exception?

I ended up getting a ride to work again last night, because I would've been late, had I tried to walk. I went straight to the back, anticipating being able to have a look at the new schedule, and found a couple other significant changes. Somebody (I'm told it was Mary) switched the two freezers around - one freezer almost reaches the ceiling, and thus has a greater impact on the feeling of the room - and had also pulled a standing cabinet out from the office, so a filing cabinet could be brought back into its place in there. It caught me by surprise, but I quickly decided it wouldn't make a great difference, and resumed heading toward the very back. As expected, the new schedule was up, and as expected, Mary having to cut hours did affect closing shifts too. No, we aren't closed earlier than before, but coming up on Friday, December 7th, instead of working 8 'til close, I work only 8 'til midnight, and have my usual scheduled closing shift on Saturday, with Tom being the one done at midnight instead. Curious, yes? Tom, as I gathered when he stopped in to have a look at the schedule wasn't pleased, but I'm looking forward to it. It's been a long time since I worked such a shift, and comes with other advantages as well. For one, if Walmart and / or Real Canadian Superstore are open 24 hours then, that might very well be the first night I go out there. For two, I am the first person with that sort of shift this time, so it is effectively up to me to set the bar for what can be accomplished by somebody who is done at midnight. There's also a third one which didn't occur to me before, which is that provided such scheduling continues, it will be a nice early break to those four day weekends. On the other hand, Mary could decide that we actually don't need that extra person, and schedule only two people to close throughout the week. I wouldn't like that quite as much. At any rate though, interesting, yes? If only that applied this week, and the family get-together in Wingham was on Friday...

Moving on now, because I still haven't made it to what the title of this entry alludes to, I changed into my uniform, and started walking back up front to get to work. Along the way, however, I noticed a new note, which read roughly as follows: "Effective immediately, there will be a limit to how many days you can book off a month. No more than 3 days will be approved, unless you are booking vacation time. Some exceptions will be made depending on the situation". My mood sunk quite rapidly when I read that, but Laura saw me, and said I probably shouldn't take it personally, as it was more than likely directed at her. Between that and the parts about vacation time and some exceptions being made, however, I had enough to be hopeful for to be able to set those thoughts aside, and focus on work. As planned, I left the light in the drive through area on all night, and I do believe it worked. Whether because it helped keep me awake, or improved my mood by some other means, I was smiling alot more, and really felt that it had been a good night when I left. Laura offered no comment on it (her main concern was the debit / credit machine not working again), and I feel it worked better for me, so from now on, that is exactly what I will do. If last night was any indication, keeping the light on doesn't increase the amount of customers any, and I think that's the main thing Tom, if not other people would worry about. New developments aside though, it was a good night, and I now have one day off until going back for four more. A new promotional item starts on the 1st, which is expected to take an average of 75 seconds from start to finish to make, and I actually close with James Friday through Sunday, instead of just Friday and Saturday, and then with Laura again on Sunday and Monday as expected, so that's good. I'm still a bit concerned about that note, but at some point no later than 5pm, I'll be heading up there to double-check with Mary. Patience said she overheard her mention that I'm going away in February again, which would imply that my request has already been approved, but in light of that note, I would like to check, and am not about to just pick up the phone, because that would be lazy. Then it's off to Dollarama for a couple advent calendars. One for when I wake up, and one for when I get home from work.

In other news, this has been a pretty productive week, in the same way that I mentioned yesterday. On Monday, I received in the mail a DVD, my Visa bill, new health card, and clip for the zipper in my new wallet. On Tuesday, I received another DVD. The third and final out of the three I ordered came yesterday, and today, I opened my door to what I really hope is / are those personal hygiene items I ordered just over a month ago. Even if they aren't, though, something has come every day this week so far, and I am indeed still waiting on other packages, so might something come tomorrow too? I do hope so. I read and started to reply to Dan's emails last night too, and sure enough, reached a point where I decided it would be easier to reply in MSN. As it would happen, however, I opened Instantbird to see that he wasn't online, and he still isn't now. Gone somewhere? Most likely. Is the timing inconvenient? Most definitely, but I can wait. I'm feeling slightly more coherent now anyway, so I could continue with that later, once I finish with this other commission-related email. The auction will end soon, and I've yet to contact the seller with the slightest relevant detail. I should get to work on that right now, actually. I think I've written enough for today, and still have about an hour and a half before 5~

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