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Long, drawn out explanation of what exactly is just great...

Went into the kitchen about a half hour ago now to wash the dishes, and I brought my laptop in as well, because I planned on listening to music. However, I accidentally dropped my external hard drive on the floor. At first I thought "Oh great. I probably broke it", but I plugged it in anyways, and was surprised to see that the files on it were still fine and accessible. However, one song played through fine, but then on the second one it stopped about a minute from the end, and wouldn't play anything else, so I tried selecting a different song. That made Windows Media Player crash, but I figured it was just 'cause it was indeed that program, so I loaded up Winamp, and tried playing the same song, and got the exact same result.

So I restarted the whole computer, and still got the same problems, so I unplugged the drive, plugged it back in again, and ran a chkdsk /f i:. It detected and fixed several errors, among other things, so I figured everything was fine again. It wasn't, of course. As before, one song played just fine, but on the second, it started stopping and starting again every so often. Unplugged the drive yet again, and plugged it back in, but then it started making some weird clicking noise, and it didn't appear in "Computer" or anywhere else at all.

Unplugged and plugged it back in several more times, with the same result for each, before finally deciding to look in the Device Manager. "Mass Storage Controller" had a little yellow and black exclamation mark beside it, so I looked in the properties, and found that the drivers were, for some reason, no longer installed. Choosing to search online for them didn't help though, so I went to WD's site, to see if I could find them.

Instead, I downloaded a diagnostic program, to see if that'd fix the problems. First time, it just gave me some error and prompted me to check the USB cable, and each and every attempt after that, it refused to show the drive at all :\

So yeah. I assume the data's all still there, but I have no way of getting it back. I'd run SpinRite or whatever, but first of all, I don't know if that supports USB drives, and secondly, you have to get the drive to be recognized to do anything with it at all.

I dunno. I was thinking of buying a replacement, seeing as I doubt I'd be able to find the receipt now, but it was quite a bit of money in the first place (~$250), so yeah. All that was on it was music (about 30GB worth :s), and all the episodes of the Drew Carey Show, Whose Line is it Anyway, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (yes :3), and I still have all that backed up on one of my other external hard drives, which is up in my room, but that thing's rather clunky, and requires a power cable on top of the USB cord, so I'd rather not lug it around if I don't have to.

But yeah. I don't have to be back in at Heart and Stroke 'till Tuesday, so I suppose at worst, I can just copy some music over to one of the partitions on my laptop, and listen to that, until I decide if I want to buy a new drive or not.

Aside from that though, work. Was actually pretty fun tonight. John said two interesting things as well. First off, he asked if we're ever going to get a chance to hang out. Told him that I really didn't know, with the stupid way they're scheduling us (we work on the days the other has off), but he said something about "But still", so I dunno. I'd like to just tell him that we'll do something on such and such a day, and have something to look forward to that way, but still it seems like things are working against us no matter what we do :\

He also said something about Seth coming down on the 27th or 28th or some date along those lines, so that'll be nice. Haven't seen him in ages, and it'll be especially cool, seeing as we *ahem* have something more in common now ^^;

Anyways, volunteering wasn't too bad either, although the new layout of the offices is really confusing. From the front door, there's Michele, and empty office, Janice's computer in the area where the photocopier used to be, Kathryn and Heather's office, the kitchen, and then just the spare computer at the back. I don't know why they switched things around, but it's weird :s

Anyways, I think it's about time I head to bed. I'm really hoping to wake up whenever tomorrow afternoon, go downstairs, and see something or other about my tail <3 Not guaranteeing that it will happen tomorrow, but there's always a chance...

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