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Will We Talk Tomorrow?

It was about 4:30 when I left to head in to work today, and when I got there, everybody up front thought they were so clever and started saying hi to me all at once. I said hi to a couple people, asked Danny if he really had nothing better to do, borrowed Patience's pen to write down the name of chapter ten of A Wrinkle in Time ("Absolute Zero", as I recall), and then finally Mary came over and asked "What's up?" At that exact moment, Danny came by as well on his way to the back, asking if he'd already said hi to me, and I kind of glared at him before turning back to Mary. I think I asked "Will that note on the cabinet affect me wanting time off in February?" She shook her head no, and said that it was more for people who were making a habit of taking at least a week off each month, which I wasn't aware of. I then asked if it - barring exceptions for vacation time and other consideration depending on the situation - was something I would have to take into consideration in the future. She shook her head no again, and then explained that for the most part, I only go away every several months, and am allowed up to twenty-one days of vacation time anyway, presumably still having the chance to ask about more beyond that. Finally, as she was starting to walk away, I asked if that meant she was alright with my request for February, and once again, she nodded, and said yes.

Following that, I talked to a couple people a bit more (Mary told me to tell Manoah what extra cleaning I'd done on Saturday night, and Patience asked if the wallet I was carrying was mine), then walked over to the other window because a customer wanted to order more food, and said goodbye to everybody. It was only then that Manoah told me to wait. I stopped, and he asked to questions. First, would I be online later tonight, so we could talk about the money, and second, when was my birthday? I'm not really sure he had any reason for asking the second one, but I answered anyway, and to the first, told him that I would be, to which he said that he would send me a message later then. It's now quite a bit past "later", and I haven't heard a thing from him. Has he forgotten? Was he just too tired from work? Will he not be able to pay me back for a while to come, and not want to say so? He and I close on Wednesday next week, so we might have a chance to talk then at latest, but he might also be there when I head in for my shift tomorrow, in which case I think we could talk a bit there. Uncertainty with him aside though, it was nice getting positive answers from Mary, and just as planned, I took a detour over to the mall on the way home, and bought two advent calendars from Dollarama. Santa was at the mall, which I found rather amusing, as November isn't even over yet (perhaps that explains why he was all on his own), but I disregarded him, and went for what I'd walked out there for. $2.26, they cost me, only to come home and eventually learn that Mom had purchased one for each of us. I suppose that could work too though. One chocolate in the morning, one chocolate before I leave for work / whenever I feel like it on days I don't work, and one chocolate when I get home from work, or before I go to bed. Yes.

Continuing with that topic in a slightly different direction now, I'm slightly dismayed at knowing 4 of 5 (possibly 5 of 6) things that I'll be getting for my birthday / at Christmas. Trish has a new set of PSP earphones for me, which I knew about well before, and then this afternoon, Mom and I came into three more. Two were purchased on eBay - a replacement PSP battery cover and screen - and for the other, we had to go all the way out to Walmart. What was it? Gravity Rush (a PS Vita game). The site said $29, the sticker said $39.89 (or something like that), and the receipt said $29.00 plus tax. ~$10 in savings is nice. Adam said he'll try to get the CD I asked Trish for, so there's that on top of everything else, leaving little to be surprised at. While we were out at Walmart though, I wanted to go look for more deodorant, so I did, and had to pass by / through the section full of blankets along the way. Oh, how very much I wanted to stop and take my time looking through and buy one or two things, but Mom was with me, so I couldn't. I did tell her she could go wait in the car though, as I didn't want to wait in line at the checkouts to pay for a single stick of deodorant, and wanted to go get a DVD she said she wanted for Christmas, so she left, and I used the time to look around a bit. I wasn't able to find exactly what I got last year - what I was hoping to get again but in a different color this year - but still did see quite a bit of interest, which makes me that much more excited to go there on my own after work some night coming up. I should like not to spend ~$150 again, but that's precisely why I won't just buy anything and everything that I can think of.

As for other things, I wrapped all the Christmas gifts I have so far that I don't need boxes for earlier tonight, and as such, am kind of thinking about getting some garlic bread and mozzarella sticks from Pizza Tonite for supper. I wasn't aware it was 2:30 already though, so if I'm going to do that, I'd better get on it soon. Problem is that feels unnecessary, considering everything I bought yesterday. That I can recall, four boxes of Kraft Dinner, a package of hot dogs, ten (10) cartons of juice (eight from Real Canadian Superstore, where they were on for 84 / 88 cents each), two bags of cheese breadsticks, and two big boxes of cereal. I definitely will get into the cereal, cheese breadsticks, and juice on the weekend, but it's a nice ~$40 worth of food that I've put away, and haven't touched since. In spite of that, however, Pizza Tonite still sounds like a good idea. I can drink a carton of juice with that, and still have a good couple hours afterward to fill. I think I've talked myself into it now, so... yeah. Time to go get the phone~

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