Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not the Only One

To think that with a little extra planning, I could be in Wingham right now... Mom and Dad said they planned to be home by 11, so I could've even asked somebody to stay until then, and worked ~4 hours as opposed to ~7, but no, I'm here along with Adam and Naomi, which means only Mom and Dad went. Is it kind of a letdown? Yes, but at least I can feel like I'm not missing as much. Work yesterday night went fine, with the exception of it being busier than normal until about 11, so I have hopes for the same tonight. I think I was more tired than anything though, because I was approaching being obnoxious in the way I was talking to James. I wasn't rude (that I could tell) by any means, but I still didn't like the way I was acting by the end of the night. We talked on the way home, him on his bike and me walking, and that would've been it, were it not for one interesting thing he said in response to a question I asked. I wanted to know if my suspicions were correct regarding the new way Mary is scheduling closers on weekends - would sending one person home be the new norm, and if so, what would happen if it was really busy and we were still behind at midnight, even with three people? He said that's how she'll be scheduling us from now on, and in regards to the other, it's up to the closing manager. It was only then that I learned she told him he should send the person who wasn't on drive through home last night if it wasn't busy, which would've been me, but I stayed until the end of the night, and that was that. While Tom and I were waiting for James to set the alarm, however, he (Tom) asked me if I was looking forward to going home early "tonight" (Saturday's shift), as if he and James had already decided that that's what would happen. Meanwhile, so far as I know, no such plans were made, and when I brought it up on the way home, James only said that Tom had already been after him about who would be on what for closing on Saturday. Yes. If it's not busy enough, and Tom is on drive through again, I will gladly go home early, because I still want to do something special on the back of that family get-together being today, but I can't justify going to 7-11 on the way to work. If not, then I'll stay for my full shift, and that will be that once again.

On a somewhat related note, I had / have my hopes up that being December now, at least Walmart is open 24 hours. Last year, I called the store phone number listed on the website, and was greeted with an automated message offering several choices, and either by waiting until the end of that, or picking the first option, was able to hear their hours via another automated message. This year, I tried calling again, but choosing the same option as before (for information on store hours) led me to an actual person, to whom I just said I had the wrong number (yeah), and listening until the end of the initial message only offered a "Please stay on the line, and one of our associates will be happy to assist you". I figure even if the odds were in my favor - they are open 24 hours now, and I am sent home at midnight - I wouldn't want to go anyway, because I don't have quite as much money as I previously thought. Yesterday, I still had about $60 available (not counting the ~$30 cash in my wallet). Today, I only have ~$20 (and still the same amount of cash) because of those purchases I made of Christmas presents for myself on Thursday. Brilliant, but Mom did pay me back. I just spent about half of that on supper from Pizza Tonite later that same night. I don't mind waiting until next weekend though, and certainly will call and actually ask when they're open 'til if holiday hours aren't listed on their website by then, but that's about all I have time to say for tonight. I have just enough time to get ready~

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