Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Am a Big Chicken

That's right; forget about the snow leopard angle. Now we're going in a poultry direction, and I really can't believe I've chosen to start this entry this way. What I'm actually referring to is what I said about Totts yesterday. I thought it over at work, quickly came to the conclusion that trying to think about those things when I had other stuff to do was only getting me riled up, and didn't so much as look at the email draft I'd written when I got home. With a bit of help from me, Dan hit the nail on the head this afternoon when he said "Just annoying that she talked to me and not you", because that's exactly what it is. She sends me a note that essentially says "I hope we can be friends!", then the two of them become friends, and I'm sitting here feeling like I want to get started, but can't quite get out of that gate, because the other person won't open their half. Then he told me that he hasn't talked to her since November 4th, which is exactly when I last heard from her. I wonder what's going on? I could email Squeeze and see if she's able to offer any insight, especially because she hasn't responded in nearly a week either, but I don't want to be that sort of person. I asked Dan to gently remind her on my behalf that I haven't heard from her in a month (possibly longer by that point) next time they talk, so hopefully that will accomplish something, and if it doesn't (the two of them get back to talking, and I still don't hear from her), I'll have reason to send a terse email asking "What's going on?"

On a related note, I've mentioned a couple times recently that Dan hasn't been online, leading me to thinking he was gone somewhere, yes? I was proven wrong when I received a "Hi :3" from him in MSN earlier this afternoon, but to me, he still appeared online, and I wasn't able to reply as such. I did quickly send him an email to say I wasn't able to reply, and following that, we exchanged ~30 emails, eventually coming to the conclusion of me signing onto some IRC server in Instantbird, and having a private conversation with him there. Turns out MSN is being shut down next year, so if I have time later tonight, I'll have to look into some alternative. A Yahoo Messenger account, perhaps. He suggested Skype, and that would give me the advantage of using the same program that Totts does, but it isn't yet supported by Instantbird, and I'm really not sure if I want to switch programs yet. IRC seems to be working for now, but as I told him shortly after I got it working, I don't want that to be a permanent solution.

In other news, last night at work went pretty well. A new promotional item had started, which seemed to be kind of a pain to make (not at all helped by the way Laura was wrapping them), and it was somewhat busier than normal, but we still made it out of there by ~1:20, which is pretty fast, especially for a busy night. I decided I would go to 7-11 on the way home for some snacks, per usual, but on the way up to the door, some guy walked up to me addressing me by my last name (real name, that is). I thought it was somebody I used to work with at first, but it turns out it was somebody I went to high school with, as evidenced by him saying he remembered sitting in the library at lunch, playing Furcadia on the computers. That's the same guy who borrowed my Age of Empires II CD, and never gave it back. Not that I care now, but yeah, we talked for a bit, went inside and got our things, went back outside and talked for quite a while longer, then he added my email address to his phone, and said he'd email me. Just prior to that, I'd told him that I generally keep to myself, which is why I don't have a Facebook account or a cell phone or such else, and I distinctly remember him saying "Don't", and telling me that he had friends who would respect me for who I was, possibly in reference to a group of people who were almost harassing us outside the place. Well, only one guy was, to be fair, but another guy, who was standing right next to me, was quite supportive, and I swear there was something about his face that was absolutely captivating. Big eyes? Round head? Not much hair? I don't know, but I like the way he looked, as odd as that sounds. On a completely different note, I called Walmart this afternoon, thereby learning that their holiday hours start this Friday, which is absolutely perfect. I will still try to call the store directly on Friday afternoon, to be on the safe side, but between getting paid this week, being done at midnight, and their holiday hours starting then, that worked out really well.

Other things aside now though, Dan is waiting for me to get back to him (I told him I wanted to finish writing this entry first), and I think I've said about all I wanted to for now, so this'll be it. Backups are pretty well all complete, my room has been cleaned, I went to Giant Tiger just about an hour ago and bought the most amazing fuzzy boots and pajama pants... It's been a good day, I think~

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