Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost What I Wanted

I'd say last night turned out pretty well. It was busy enough at work to keep us occupied for the first couple hours, but same as last Friday, it wasn't busy enough to prevent getting things caught up. I tried just about as hard as I could to help Manoah with whatever he wanted to complete, and when midnight finally came - 12:02, actually, because I wanted to take the cardboard and garbage out first - I was allowed to clock out and leave. I stuffed my uniform into the mailbox, and told Manoah it was there just in case they were gone by the time I got back, then took off for Walmart. Evidently I spent longer wandering around there than I expected to though, because I didn't make it back to work until ~2:30, and I only listened to one album of music along the way, which was just about half an hour long. In spite of that, when I got back, I let myself in by opening the back door, because it had been left unlocked, showed Manoah some of what I bought, then went over to Tim Hortons for him. When I came back, I found his mom parked in the parking lot, and when he learned that she was there, we both went out and talked to her for a bit while he had a smoke (it was almost 3 by then). After that, I walked the rest of the way home, not stopping anywhere along the way, got a bit of supper together, and laid down to relax. I opened Skype almost straight away, because I decided while I was out walking that there was no point to hiding from that. Approved Squeeze's contact request, and busied myself with other things for a bit (mostly removing everything I'd purchased from the bags), before turning back to my laptop again, and noticing an extra bit of space down by Skype's icon, indicating that there was a new window open. I checked, and what would I find but a message from her saying "Hey you, didn't see you on :3". We talked for a few minutes, then she went to bed, and I decided that while I was still more awake (from having turned my light on), I would actually try to clean up my room somewhat, so I wouldn't have to do all of that the next afternoon. Once that was finished, I tried writing a LiveJournal entry, but was too tired to focus, so I laid down, and that was that for the night.

Today, I spent most of the afternoon talking to Dan again. Quite a bit about how Totts' lack of contact is making me feel - he maintains it's unlikely that she cares less about talking to me now that she's found him, and also that I shouldn't feel bad, because they don't see each other that often, but my feelings are still largely the same. He did at least mention that he gave her my Skype name, so she has that now. If she were to add me within the next couple days, my first question to her would probably be "Have you added me because you want to talk, or because Dan gave you my name on here?", but at this point, it remains to be seen if she'll even do that. I hope she will, because to do otherwise would go directly against that note she sent me before, but on the back of that email I've sent her, along with the possibility that she's gotten wind of how I've been feeling toward her lately, I shouldn't be surprised if she doesn't. Continuing with bad things, my biggest hope for last night was that I wouldn't spend too much money at Walmart, but guess what? By the time everything I selected was totaled up (only enough to just fill a basket), the total was ~$140. Yeah. I bought something for everybody here, so the main point to the trip was realized, but it still catches me by surprise. What did I buy, altogether? I obviously don't want to specify what Christmas gifts I purchased, but for myself, I came away with a nice, big, new blanket, a basic little Lunchable for supper, a box containing four different types of Tic Tacs, two Owl City CDs, and a chocolate letter K. Yes, I actually found a K, even though it required digging through the box that I wasn't supposed to dig through. I haven't yet decided if I want to go for an I next time I'm there. The slightly troubling thing is that if I'd bought everything I was thinking of, I could've spent significantly more. I confirmed my attendance to Heart and Stroke's Christmas party this year earlier this afternoon, so it'd be nice to stop by there on my way home, but if I had approximately $180 at most to work with at the beginning, I have only ~$40 now, and that's not including trips to 7-11 and such else.

I don't have enough time to continue these thoughts though. Instead, off I go to get ready for my first full night of work this weekend. Next week, it's on Saturday that I'm done at midnight. Maybe that will work better~

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