Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Little Bit of Money

Have I mentioned yet that Brandon contacted me before the weekend asking if I would download all of Prison Break for him? If so, did I write in here that I wasn't sure, because I was tired of just being used? I saw him at work yesterday, and he said absolutely nothing about it, but it stayed with me through to this afternoon, when I finally decided on some new terms, and sent an email to him explaining them. To make this simple, he accepted, and I now have torrents for all four seasons of that show (movie included) loaded in uTorrent, and he is subject to a $1 per 5 gigabytes fee. There's just about 25 gigabytes in his request this time too, so that'll be $5 right there. At least that way I'm getting something back, and he's not just effectively using our internet connection for free. Had I talked to George recently, I would explain the same terms to him, albeit in a slightly different way, because his downloads concern individual episodes, and not entire series, making it more difficult to amass five gigabytes. 25 cents per file up to the aforementioned minimum sounds fair, and that would start in 2013, as opposed to right now. Of course, that means I'll also no longer be downloading files until I hear from him after the end of this month, but that should work out alright, and I still have some leeway to be generous and not charge him (or Brandon) for a certain set of files, if I feel like it.

In other news, work last night was pretty remarkable. It was in a sense a reversal of Friday night, in that from 8 until midnight, it wasn't terribly busy, but from midnight 'til 3, it was really quite hectic. Tom left at 12 too, because at that point, I was just getting the last of the dishes caught up, and we were in pretty decent shape for everything else, but then James and I started to get busy with customers, and they just kept coming until the end of the night. When 3:00 finally came, pretty much the very first thing we did was making something to eat and going to sit in the dining room for a few minutes, and as I told both him on the way home, and Dan earlier this afternoon, I absolutely will defend our doing that. Why? Because after that brief break, there was still enough work remaining that it took us almost two hours more to get the place cleaned up. James left a note apologizing to the openers for the state of things, and I made an addition of all of two words ("I concur"), because it was just... not what we expected. I made just over $6 in tips (mostly people saying I could keep their change), which I was obviously pleased with, and the last hour and a half while we were still open was pretty fun, because we were both pretty much past what was going on, and just wanted to get orders out as quickly and efficiently as possible. The very last customer of the night thought I was laughing at him when he pulled up (I was actually laughing at the sort of night it had been), and remained straight-faced despite my trying to explain that it had been a long night, and I was just glad to be at the end of it, but that was really the only worrisome part. James and / or I might get in trouble for being there so late last night, but if I try to think of how I would respond right now, all I can come up with is a blasé "We were. So what?"

Not directly related to how busy it was, but still related to work now, there was a new note at the back last night, stating that our closing hours will be changed more than I thought before. In addition to being closed at 1 instead of 3 on Thursdays, we'll also be closed at midnight instead of 1 Sunday through Wednesday. We're back to this again, yes? Feels like it's been quite a few years since we closed that early, but I remember it being fun to get home before 2. Probably less fun when I see my pay stub in two weeks, especially because I told Dan earlier that when I have more time to talk, I owe it to myself to think (and thus talk to him) about how living there would be different from living here (mostly in terms of expenses), but I still have the same number of shifts, and considering what last night went like, I'd say there's a fair chance of being asked to stay past midnight next Saturday. I wouldn't mind that, because I'd like for the next time I go to Walmart to be late / early enough in the morning that I can stop at McDonalds on the way back home, but we'll see about that in a week.

For now, I just want to go look into supper (I heard Mom say something about chicken burgers earlier), and then get ready for what should be a short - we'll only be open for 4 hours - shift at work. I might even get home with enough time to wrap more Christmas presents after relaxing. I certainly wouldn't mind that~

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