Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Only One for Me

Had I known I would end up collecting a package for Dad, I might very well have asked for a ride to Shoppers today, but no, it didn't turn out that way. I woke up shortly after noon, feeling somewhat excited because it was the beginning of a new week, and thus there was a chance one or more of the packages I'm waiting on would've arrived, but I didn't find anything outside my door. Upon checking the mailbox, however, I found two package delivery notices, which I assumed were both for me. Both of them stated that the respective packages could be picked up anytime this afternoon, so I went off to Shoppers at 4 to see what they had for me. There were a fair few people in line, which wasn't much of a surprise with it being near Christmas, but it didn't take too long for my turn to come. The woman I gave the notices to said she didn't need to see my ID, as she recognized me, so I just gave my signature, collected the items I'd gone to pick up, and headed off home again. Upon exiting Shoppers, I looked over both to see if I could identify what was inside. One was easy, after I checked the return address. It is / was a small art book I bought on Furbuy (and an amazing thing at that - there are plenty of pictures of big cats <3). The other, however, was addressed to Dad. I contemplated opening it just to be sure, but decided not to, and just walked home after that, stopping at Heart and Stroke along the way to tell Michele I would be in tomorrow. Once at home, I gave Dad his letter, and all he asked me afterward was if I received a delivery notice for it. I have one of the things I ordered, but what about the rest now? I've yet to even receive an email to say that my copy of DJMAX Technika Tune has gone out, but maybe I'll get really lucky tomorrow.

Packages aside, I feel mostly tired today, as a result of having been up since a couple minutes after noon. I am okay with it so far as that being the time I'll have to wake up for the next three days go, but outside of that, I hope work tonight doesn't go like yesterday, or even Saturday did. Mind you, in comparison to Saturday, yesterday went well - we weren't there two hours after closing - but being busy with dishes for approximately three out of the four hours we were open for is not my idea of an ideal night. They were all wonderfully piled up again - Tom made some exclamation when he came in to collect the $40 I said he could borrow - and that's on top of Laura having apparently told James that everything was finished / caught up / ready to go (not just dishes) at 5. I find it extremely hard to believe that all the dishes I walked in to just piled up in those three hours. It just isn't possible. He did also tell me though that Cheryl (who was on drive through when I got there) wasn't supposed to have been on it all night, so maybe she just didn't feel like washing any more dishes after that happened. She sometimes makes an effort to wash them even when she's not on that position though, so I don't know. At any rate, we made it out of there with ~8 minutes to spare, and I had a fun walk home. Up to Grand Ave, it was nice, if slightly on the warm side, and James and I both observed how foggy it was again. Then I went into 7-11 to get some snacks, and when I walked outside again, it was raining. Such rain all of a sudden, but that didn't change too much for me. I still also went to Tim Hortons for a candy cane hot chocolate and a donut (of which I was given the wrong kind, but I ate it anyway), then came home and busied myself with normal things until ~4:30, when I started to feel tired enough to call it a night. Perhaps that means I can expect to go to bed early tonight as well, but I like how that works. We just start closing at midnight in the same week I need to get up an hour or two earlier than normal.

Per usual now though, I'm late for leaving for work, so I'd better be off. Things I didn't mention in here but could've are Brandon's downloads, calling TekSavvy to see about increasing our connection speed, and... possibly one or two other things, so maybe I'll get to those later. They're somewhere to start, at very least~

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