Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost At the End

Maybe it's because I didn't have to worry about doing as much as before, but I completed a lot more work today than yesterday. Six different sheets - enough that Linda was giving me a hard time over being so far ahead of her - which should be more than enough to ensure that the rest are finished up by 4pm tomorrow. Michele said I could feel free to start earlier than 1 if I wanted, but I told her I've been waking up at noon for the past couple days, to which she said "Oh", and not much else. I had the option of using a barcode scanner today, but didn't because I didn't yesterday either, and still managed to get more done than before, so I'd call it a productive afternoon. I'm not entirely sure what will be going on tomorrow, especially because I may consider staying until 5 if there is still work to be done afterward, but the biggest difference will be the person I work with. I did enjoy working with Linda, more because of her good-natured belligerence than anything, but tomorrow, for the first time, Tryphena and I will be working together. Apparently I should expect the same thing from her, but we'll see about that. I already know what I'll be doing, as well as how to do it. What about Tryphena? I don't even know if I'll see her at work tonight, but then again, it's not like that's a big concern. I'm not quite as tired as I was yesterday right now, but I still don't much like the thought of going to work and possibly being more tired there. I am looking forward to midnight coming, so I can tell James "It's my birthday" at the same time as we start getting things cleaned up, but... maybe I should bring an energy drink...

Other than that, I seem to recall making the most of my night after having a nap yesterday, which I suppose is good. I talked to Dan for a bit longer after writing an entry in here, then to Squeeze for an hour or so before we both went to bed, which felt kind of awkward. I'd like to find a reason to talk to her, instead of just randomly chatting, but also wish we could meet in person in the near future, and talk for a bit there, so I would have a better idea of who I was talking to online after that. Another package came today, which is / was one of the two game guides I was waiting for, and the tracking page for DJMAX Technika Tune has been updated, leading me to hope that it arrives early next week. I spent a little more than expected at Real Canadian Superstore today - ~$14 instead of ~$6, and have been somewhat rethinking plans for tomorrow night. I have about $30 left right now, which would be enough for a trip to Walmart, or for supper from Pizza Tonite, but not both. Those ideas only came to mind as a couple special things I could do on my birthday, but I don't really want to go to Walmart when I don't have enough for both things I want to get there, and can't quite justify ordering something special for supper when there will be two Christmas gatherings in the same day. Maybe I should just use the night to get more Christmas presents wrapped, then go out to 7-11. There's a slight chance I could make plans to meet Squeeze there, so it would be different and special, but that's something I would normally spend money on, and which I have more than enough money for, which makes sense to do on a Thursday. As to my birthday, well... Considering plans for things here have been pushed back to the 18th, I could do the same with those other plans. It is kind of difficult to figure out, but I'll think about that at work later. Hopefully there aren't too many interruptions~

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