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Hey Look I Forgot to Put a Title the First Time :o

I swear. Two fun shifts, then one that goes straight to hell.

Got called in early, to start. Manoah phoned around 6, and asked me if I could come in straight away, because they were really busy ("like summer" in his words), so I told him to give me a chance to eat, and I'd be in. Left the house at 6:30, got there about quarter to, and clocked in. Earl was after me right away to get on mini, but I went to the back to wash my hands first, and then came up to find Manoah on it it as well, so I helped him make one order :s Started trying to take it (mini) down after that, but I got as far as dumping the lettuce in the pan on line and sticking the sour cream in the little fridge when we got more orders, and eventually Shelia came back from the dining room, and took both things right back.

Skip ahead to about 7:30, and I had line condensed, and was in the process of taking mini down again. Transferred all the food over to line, stacked up the dishes, and started draining the water. More orders. Once those were finished, I wiped it out, someone else brought the dishes back, and that was done. Note that by that time it was about 8.

The person who had been on drive through was done at 8, and I got put on it, according to Shelia "until Steve gets here, honey. I promise." Don't ask. Just... don't ask :s There were no orders at the time, and everything on line was pretty much taken care of (as much as we could do with Shelia around, at least), so I went into the walk-in, and started rotating things in there, since the order was due to come in the morning. Finished that. Cleaned the fry dump. Rotated torts, and by that time, Steve had arrived, and it was well past 9:30. I asked Jerome when he was going to put him on it, but didn't get a response, so I figured "Okay. I'll wait 'till 10, then ask."

Never got around to that though, so I started to figure that once again, I was going to get screwed over. Sure enough, 11 rolls around, and I still had a headset on, so I went to the back, and started tossing all the lids and stuff from the pans into the sink, and loud enough so that someone might be able to hear me, and say "Why's he making so much noise?". Without fail, Manoah came back, and asked if anything was wrong, because I seemed pissed off. So I told him that I was rather angry about Steve still not being on drive through, even though he was supposed to be. Note that he was supposed to be, because last time me and him worked together, he was on line, and I was on drive through, and we usually alternate.

So anyways, he suggested that if it was alright with me, he'd talk to Steve, and see if it was alright if one of us could take care of drive through, while the other one worked on dishes. That didn't go anywhere though. To put it simply, from 11 - 2, I was just taking care of cars as they pulled up, taking their cash, handing out drinks if they had any, then bringing the receipt, napkins, forks, and any hot or mild sauce down to line, leaving by the grill, and letting Steve hand it out, while I went back to wash more dishes. I got them done, by myself, at that, but by god was it wholly infuriating.

And what's more, at 2:30, Steve had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to take down line or just stay on drive through. Yeah, he may have meant well, but still, it just seemed slightly suspicious, for him to be waiting 'till after the dishes were done to ask such a thing.

Not to say it was all bad though. It was fulfilling, at very least, to have done all that stuff myself (condensing line, cleaning mini, cleaning the fry dump, rotating stock, and doing most of the dishes), without being asked by anyone, but still, never again. Next time I work with Steve, he's going to be on drive through, no questions asked, and if he even starts whining about there being too many dishes, I'm going to let him have it.

LJ-Cuts FTW.

I don't have to work tomorrow or Saturday (yet) though, so that's one good thing. Next week's schedule was up tonight as well, and once again, they have me closing on Monday, and John has the night off. We're going to get down to London for a furmeet sooner or later, but right now, it looks like it's going to be way later. Me and him both have next Saturday off though, so I'm thinking about asking him if he wants to do something, but I dunno. I'd hate to take away his Saturday night like that, especially when he seems like the type of person that likes to do stuff on the weekend. But at very least, I suppose I can see if he has any plans :3

And I really am impatient. Before I left for work, I sent an email off to that person I'm ordering that snow leopard tail from, just to see if the money order arrived yet or whatever, and she'd sent a reply by the time I got home. It's still not there, which begs a couple questions. First of all, how often does mail get collected from Shoppers? And secondly, how long could it possibly take to get there? Oh I'm so eager and excited~

Happy birthday as well squnq :3 I dunno whether you'll read this or not, but it can't hurt either way.

But for now, I suppose I'll just go back to what I was doing before I left for work. Watching random episodes of the Drew Carey Show, while playing Geneforge 4. It's quite fun. iamweak doesn't work anymore though. I think I used it too much...

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