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Karadur Inacu 

A Better Sort of Night

I wish every shift at work could go like last night did. From the beginning to end of the night, I washed all of the dishes, was on line for a bit, cleaned out the grease trap, and then went back to making food until midnight. It still wasn't very busy then, and everything else was pretty well caught up, including some tasks that aren't supposed to be done until later at night, and I went home with an extra two and a half hours, for having started at 5:30 instead of 8. I wasn't really sure what they'd want me to do on my way in, but as soon as Brandon said that somebody needed to work on the dishes, I offered to take care of them, and ended up being glad I did. I think everybody there between 5 and 8 made at least one remark about how I was "flying" / "powering through" them, and indeed, I felt like I was too, helped by deciding on a slightly different order in which to wash everything. Probably the most annoying part about that though was Tom's utter indifference to there quite literally being no dishes waiting to be washed, and very little cardboard and garbage to be taken out when he walked in. I uttered a pointed "Oh, you're welcome", in hopes that he would take the hint, and he did, but it wasn't the same. Then again, that doesn't really matter, because I know from past explanations / exploration of the same general matter that expecting a specific outcome is one of the quickest ways to ensure disappointment, but when was the last time all of the dishes were caught up at 8:00 on a weekend night? Not in quite a long time, so far as I know. At any rate, as I remarked to myself on the way home, that's those two potentially longest nights taken care of, rather easily at that, so now I just have stress about having to get all of the dishes caught up before midnight for the next two nights to worry about. Maybe I should go check the answering machine. I certainly wouldn't mind being called in again early today.

Work aside, I enjoyed the time I had between coming home and going to bed last night for several reasons. First of all, when I finally made it home and up to my room, I found a new message from Squeeze in Skype, to say several things. She and Evo had gone to Taco Bell for supper around 8, and were wondering if I would be there. She also mentioned telling him that my birthday had just been on the 13th, and following that passed on a belated "Happy Birthday" from him, and finally said that he told her he wanted me to add him to Skype if I was interested, and gave me his contact information. I have, but either he's offline, or hasn't accepted my contact request yet, so... that's fun. Last week at this time, I had only two people - Dan and Squeeze - on my contact list in there. Now I have Dan, Squeeze, Totts, and presumably soon enough, Evo. Unfortunately, she (Squeeze) couldn't remember exactly when they'd been in for food, so I couldn't say if they might have seen me or not, but still, they know where I work, in spite of me not having mentioned that to her yet, which means there's already a better chance of exchanging a quick "Hello" / "Hey" there. After that though, we actually had a proper conversation for the first time. We talked a bit about plans for Christmas, and I realized that if cheese powder at Bulk Barn is approximately $4 a pound, I'll have to pay roughly $50 to fill that container for Adam. I may still try for that, depending on how much I get paid, but as she agreed at the time, getting a smaller container would be a better idea. He doesn't need ~6 cups of cheese powder. That'd be better for a birthday present, since it'd be only one thing, but his birthday is exactly eleven months from today, which is a long time to wait. Getting back on topic again, after that, she sent the following message: "Not to change the topic, but I got thinking about it the other day and it just recurred to me, do you have any pictures of your fursona done? I was doodling the and thought about doodling you and realized I know nothing of your fursona but that you are a snow leopard. x3". I immediately responded with "I do, but that's kind of a complicated topic...", and continued with several large paragraphs explaining why it was as such. Essentially, I feel that I identify with the animals, but I am not that figure depicted in the various pictures I've used on here in the past. That is an anthropomorphic representation of what I identify with, but that's kind of convoluted, isn't it? I am what I am / feel how I feel, but instead of having these other pictures which may imply something that is not actually the case, I'll commission pictures of the actual animals, and if ever somebody were to ask "is that you?", I can say "No, but it is what I identify with". I can only presume this comes as a result of taking things seriously. If it doesn't stand up to scrutiny, it'll just cause problems down the road. With that out of the way, see the bit of what she said that reads "...and thought about doodling you..."? I did, admittedly after the fact, and eventually that came down to me uploading one of the only two current pictures I have, and showing it to her. She said it looked really nice, followed by "Well I'll use this pic as a ref for when I make your sleepy icon :3", which was a reference to her saying "I can use a base to make a sleepy animated icon for you when I get some time if you wish" and "just a reg snow leopard with sleepy bubbles" earlier in the conversation. I really, really would like that, and to date, I've never been given art for free from a friend. I'm kind of curious about Totts in roughly the same way, because I did get that sketch (she might actually be the first in that case, but I wouldn't say we were proper friends then, or now, even), but I don't want to entertain those thoughts too much. I want to know more people to be able to talk and hang out. Not to manipulate them into giving me things for free. Following that, she showed me some of the pictures she'd commissioned in the past, and I showed her a few of my old ones (the handful that are still uploaded to LiveJournal), then she said she ought to get back to things she was trying to work on, and that was pretty much it, apart from mentioning a few things about going to London before. The last message she received from me (thus far) was sent at ~6:50am, roughly an hour after I went to bed, when I woke up and found a new one from her, apologizing for just disappearing. At the time, I legitimately could not recall if I had just been asleep or not. All I knew was that I'd opened my laptop, and found a new message from her. It was quite disorienting.

Large paragraph aside now, it should be fairly obvious what I've spent the rest of my day doing. It involves a certain PS Vita game, which continues to be pretty fun. Maybe the challenges are getting easier, but I was able to get silver / 2nd place in the last couple I attempted, and before I set my Vita down to write this entry, I was just getting into exploring the third area, looking for gems. It seems unlikely that DJMAX Technika Tune will arrive tomorrow, so having Gravity Rush should continue to keep me busy. Outside of that though, I'm not sure what else to say today. I'm somewhat anxiously waiting for Evo to add me to his contact list, I see Squeeze received the two messages I sent after she went offline last night, I've yet to be downstairs, and it's only just 5:00, so I shouldn't have to worry about being late to work tonight. Last night was definitely fun, but now that today has come and I've been given a chance to start over-thinking things, I want to have some time to myself. I'm really not very hungry, because I had cupcakes and M&M brownies left over from going to 7-11 last night, so I suppose I'll just go back to Gravity Rush. I doubt I'll play it for the entire remaining two hours, but it's still something fun to do~

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