Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Need a Diversion

Suffice it to say, it's been an interesting night (yesterday) and afternoon thus far. I've spent most of my free time talking to somebody online (exactly who will remain a mystery, because it would take too long to explain the exact nature of our conversation(s)), and am actually looking forward to going to work as a result. It's not that I mind talking - as a matter of fact, I really appreciate their thanking me for taking the time to talk - but too much of the same thing is never good, and I need some variation. I never did make it to Sobeys yesterday either, so the plan for tonight is pretty much to go to work, drop my uniform off on the way home, head out there for some yogurt bowls, then head back home again to relax / continue talking / whatever else. I might have to finish cleaning up my room first though, because while I started last night, I never quite finished, and it's beginning to annoy me. Maybe if I do that after I get home from Sobeys, but before I sit down again... I suppose we'll see then.

I'm more looking forward to tomorrow, since it will see the second half of plans for my birthday brought about (I asked for apple crisp instead of a cake too, so there'll be none of that nonsense with having cake left over for several days afterward), as well as for my plans of going to Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore in the same night. It is for that reason that I'm anxiously waiting to see my pay stub at work tonight - I doubt those extra hours I worked last Saturday will be counted until our next pay, but here's hoping. I've managed to keep my checking account balance above $800, so everything should work out nicely, but I can't go to both places tomorrow without making the most of it. If Walmart has both that blanket and pillow I want, I'll give myself $150 between both places, and if not, $100 will suffice. I have to go to Dollarama at some point tomorrow for toppings for a cookie pizza Tom wants for the 23rd as well, and I refuse to allow it to be another Thursday where I spend the majority of my pay in the same day. Along the same lines, there's a guide / art book for Gravity Daze (and / or Gravity Rush, to use the English name) on eBay that I've been looking at. It would come from Japan, and shipping is free, but the book itself is $64.99, which is... alot. I could say it's a late birthday / Christmas present, but I'm starting to feel that if I intend to keep buying guides, I'll need to get another bookshelf to put them on, and that could get expensive. Walmart had / has one for less than $30 (I'll double-check tomorrow night, if I remember), but in one particular regard, I shouldn't even be thinking about buying that.

At any rate, I don't want to be late leaving for work tonight, so I should start wrapping this up now. Everybody else is off at some Christmas party, so I'd have no chance of getting a ride, and considering I know how much money I have in my checking account right now, a bit of extra time would help to figure out where I can expect to be after tomorrow. Also, as noted above, I really do need to get out for a bit. I like talking to people - Dan, Evo, Squeeze, and Totts now, not to mention the mystery person referred to above - but time to be on my own / among other people is just as crucial. Now I've run out of things to say, so that'll be all for tonight. Time to go see what outside is like again <3

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