Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Even More to Do

This'll be another fun day that's started with me waking up and immediately trying to recall if I worked tonight, or had it off. I didn't remember it was Thursday until some time after I actually woke up, and still, it's kind of a weird Thursday even knowing I don't have to go to work later. At some point before 5 (my self-imposed deadline), I want to make it out to the bank, and then to Dollarama. The bank has money I need to give Mom gas money, and to go to Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore later, and Dollarama has several things, all of which I forgot last time I was there. Toppings for Tom's cookie pizza, as previously mentioned, but also a bubbly Aero bar, because Squeeze told me I should try one a while back, and I still haven't gotten around to it. I mentioned that to James on the way home yesterday night, and he pretty much repeated what she said, so evidently I must. All I've eaten today is a bowl of yogurt, oats, and fruit, so a chocolate bar probably wouldn't hurt.

In largely unrelated news, work last night was fun. Busier than normal, and we were there until about ten after 1, but several things with customers really stood out, so let's go through those in order. The first was a lady who, at the beginning of the night, asked if we accepted hundred dollar bills. I told her that would be fine, but that I might have to get more change, even though I knew at the back of my mind that we were allowed to refuse if our shift had just started, and we didn't have much change in our till, which was very much the case for me. She ordered $20.30 in food, and after my gently asking "Would you happen to have the thirty cents as well, or was it just the hundred?", she produced a quarter and a nickel, leaving me to scrounge up $80. I had $55 in five dollar bills, but the remaining $25 all came in loonies and toonies. In retrospect, I should've just given her the roll of loonies I had. That was $25 worth, and would've been alot easier to manage, but no, I counted out every single coin, and felt extremely worried for several orders afterward that I wouldn't have enough change to get through any more customers. In the end, I did have to ask for $40 in fives, and another roll of loonies, but it worked out. Never again though. Secondly a different person came in just after 11, and was to receive $5.83 in change. I counted it out, and held my hand out the window to give it to him, and he waved me away, saying "Merry Christmas!" I rounded it up to $6, and gave James three loonies, keeping the other three dollars for myself, and a few minutes after he left, felt like I should've said more than just "Thank you!" to him. "Merry Christmas to you too" or something to that effect would not have been inappropriate. Finally, a group of people came in at about 11:30 with four different orders. As I was bringing the third and fourth to the window, I slipped on an ice cube, and fell into a metal shelf, garnering an "Are you alright?" from both James and the customers. I was alright at the time, and now there's a nice scrape on my thigh, but nothing remarkable. One other thing I could mention is that the past couple nights I've closed with Laura, several customers have always come in at the last minute, leaving us open a couple minutes after midnight. That wasn't quite the case last night, but instead, somebody pulled up when I thought it wasn't quite midnight yet, so I started to take their order, whereupon James checked the time, and realized it was after 12. All I can really say is "Oops". They had only a small order, and the person who came in after them wanted something we were all out of for the night, so I think no harm was done.

At any rate though, I want to head out before too much more time goes by, so I don't have to wait until after supper to take care of my running around. I feel like I have an ever-growing list of things I want to work on on top of that too - making up new little images to put in my sidebar here, upgrading Instantbird and creating a userContent.css file to hide some parts of the interface that I don't use, cleaning up my desktop (I haven't actually looked at it in several days...), and... at least my room is more clean now. I couldn't get to it for the longest time last night, because I was waiting and waiting and waiting for my pay to be deposited so I could figure out how my money will be distributed for the next couple weeks, so it took until 5:00 to really get up, by which point I was too tired to do anything. Oh, and I want to play Gravity Rush some more as well. I may have been a bit clueless for not expecting more, but I thought the entirety of the game would take place in the city, as well as rift planes. Then last night I encounter this new world tree thing, where I missed a bunch of gems, then an underground area inhabited by a bunch of kids, and... it's getting interesting again. I'll get to that later though. Right now, I have more important things to do~

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