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I Couldn't Wait~

Went out to Staples when Mom got home from work. Picked up a new external hard drive. Maxtor OneTouch III Mini. It's only 100GB, but I figured I never watched Whose Line is it Anyway off the old one, so I'd just go without it. So right now, there's ~6GB free :3 27GB of music (some of which I didn't have a backup of, and there's no seeders for the ones I got via uTorrent), 38GB, being seasons 1 through 9 of the Drew Carey show, and 20GB in a folder that starts with "y" and ends with "f". You figure it out~

Stopped by Taco Bell for supper as well, and as suspected, Manoah asked me if I wanted to work, but I told him no, because of last night. Nothing else was said after that, so whatever. No work tomorrow either, as I said already, but that's probably good, seeing as it'll probably be after 5 by the time I get up :s

I'm thinking about heading up to EB Games tomorrow (or at least calling them) to see if they have any copies of Guitar Hero II yet, or possibly Burnout Dominator. Have Legends, and it was pretty fun while I still played it, and we occasionally have little competitions at work to see who can get the biggest score in Crash mode, so yeah. It's not the smartest of choices, given that I just spent ~$220 on that external hard drive, so I dunno. I also just noticed EB Games has changed the status of Guitar Hero II from "Back Ordered" to "Usually ships within 24 hours". Chances are they won't have any in store 'till Monday though, but it can't hurt to call them, at least.

I think it's about time for bed though. My laptop just screwed up again, in that it's replacing apostrophes with something else I don't want, and I really don't feel like rebooting it :3

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