Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Was That Worth It?

I second-guessed myself for a couple seconds earlier. The clock switched over from 2:59 to 3:00, and instead of getting up to go get ready, I wondered for a few moments if I should just not go out to Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore, and order something special for supper from Pizza Tonite instead. I allotted myself $20 for that in the budgeting I did earlier today, which would've been enough to get a couple things, with a tip coming from money I had before going to the bank, and also, as I told myself then, I could go out after work tomorrow, and still come away having done roughly the same things, but I just as quickly pushed those thoughts aside, and went to get ready. Downstairs for an energy drink, which I consumed in less than two minutes, then upstairs again for my backpack, wallet, and PSP, after which I was off. I didn't time myself on the way there, but I wish I had. I left a couple minutes after 3:30, and as I was leaving Walmart after walking around for a good twenty minutes, if not more, I checked my receipt to find that it was printed at about 4:30. Could I have walked there in 30~40 minutes? Yes, most likely, but it didn't feel like it at the time. At any rate, I spent slightly longer in Real Canadian Superstore, because I kept going back and forth looking at their console games and some interesting (but expensive) throw rugs, making it so that I wasn't out of there until 5. After going to McDonalds, which also took slightly longer than expected, and walking home, I finally unlocked the front door, stepped inside, and went into the kitchen to find that the clock on the stove said it was only ~8 minutes after 6. Compared to what I'm normally doing at that time of night, not getting home until 6 felt kind of weird, but apart from that, I can say with certainty that I enjoyed myself. I didn't get everything I was hoping for, but toward that, let's see here...

To start with, I wasn't able to find the blanket Manoah wanted, or the body pillow that I wanted. I did get another blanket which I would like to keep for myself - it looks and feels like the purple one I bought last year, but it's white - however, I will see about offering it to Manoah first, and if he's interested, it will be wrapped up, and given to him as a Christmas gift. If not, I will keep it for myself, and he'll get... something at a later date. Past that, I bought a blue towel to go with the bright orange / yellow and pink ones I already have, along with a pack of 6 pairs of socks, and a purple leopard-spotted throw, which is on top of me right now. As for Real Canadian Superstore, I left there with two more yogurt bowls (both of which have a best before date of the 20th, so they'll be eaten tomorrow), a tin of Christmas cookies, a small cheese, crackers, and pepperoni tray (it was only $6), and two boxes of crackers - Bacon Dippers and Cheese & Herb Triscuits, just in case we run out of, or don't have any crackers for the proper tray that I have to pick up on Sunday. All of that cost ~$110, which is pretty decent, and I still have $55 left from what I withdrew earlier, along with the money that I should hopefully be getting from Tom and Manoah at work tomorrow. Unfortunately, that will probably be the one good part of the night. Otherwise, tomorrow is the beginning of the last weekend before Christmas, and as such, it will probably also be the busiest. At least I have something special to look forward to at the end. Thus far, I've shown both Dan and Squeeze a picture of all the cheese powder I got for Adam, which I would link to here as well, but so long as there's the slightest possibility that somebody (even him) might see it before the 25th, I will not. I did tell him, Naomi, and Trish that Dad might appreciate unscented dish soap from Giant Tiger, and Mom might like one or more of the big containers such as I bought for Adam's cheese powder, but that's it.

Other things aside, I think I've said enough for another entry, especially in this case, because I'm really tired. When was the last time I stayed up until ~7:30? The beginning of November, I suppose, but even then, I didn't go straight to sleep. I am tonight though, because... no sleep would make for a most difficult night at work tomorrow. I felt alert enough tonight until I got to Real Canadian Superstore, so hopefully the same will happen again. I won't have nearly as many places to go, at least~

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