Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Some Sort of Compromise

I would quite appreciate the time not being almost 6:50 yet, alas, that is what I have to deal with tonight. I went to bed around 5:30, being too tired to stay awake any longer, and slept until 3, making me more tired right now, which, as I explained to James yesterday, will have interesting implications for Christmas. Were it not for Ericka, we probably wouldn't have to wake up as early to open gifts, but with her here, waking up at noon seems fairly likely. Should I try to wake up then for the next two days in order to be ready, like the several days I went to Heart and Stroke a couple weeks ago? Yes, if I can manage it, but we'll see about that starting tomorrow. In the meantime, let's get on to what the title of this entry alludes to. Three things today have changed / not gone entirely as expected, as follows:

a] We were informed yesterday that Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark had changed their plans for Christmas Eve, and had extended an invitation for us to come over again. Not speaking for anybody else, I figured that'd be more fun, and Trish said we could still have the platter I ordered from Real Canadian Superstore afterward, as we would still be up for a little while upon getting home. I agreed, and told Mom that we would still be getting the platter for the 24th, but between then and earlier this afternoon, changed my mind. The food we have at their house is usually quite enough, and if anybody gets hungry afterward, they can make themselves a snack to eat. Instead of canceling my order though, I just asked for it to be ready on the 30th instead, so it can be for New Year's Eve. I wasn't directly told that wouldn't be a problem, but wasn't led to believe that it might be either, so that's all taken care of (again).

b] After going to Real Canadian Superstore today, we went a little further out to Walmart, because I wanted to get another one of those leopard-spotted throws that I bought a purple one of on Thursday. At the time, they had only purple and pink, so I figured I'd get pink, as those colors would go nice together, but today, they had only purple and blue, so I grabbed a blue one, and at the checkout, found that it was ~$10 less than it had been before. I work 4-8 on Boxing Day, but so long as I wake up in time, I might have to go out and look for the pink one, to round out the set. They are nice things~

c] I brought the proper blanket I bought at Walmart on Thursday to work this afternoon to show Manoah, in order to ask if it was close enough to the one he actually wanted. He said it felt really nice and soft, as did Heather and Bree, but then only after I asked "Would you be able to come by and get it tomorrow night then?" did he realize that I was intending for it to be a Christmas gift for him. He said he could come get it around 8:30 though, so now I have to remember to grab a box for it at work tonight, and wrap the thing up before I go to bed. And then tomorrow ought to be fun. Tom works until 8, which helps for him already being there to collect his cookie pizza, but what happens when he sees the gift? Will he ask (probably seriously) if I got something for him? Quite possibly. If he does, maybe I'll just point out that I didn't get anything for anybody else who works there.

In somewhat similar news, as hoped, I left work with an extra $80 last night. I spent exactly $25 this afternoon though, which leaves me with $110 in my wallet - $70 after the cost of that platter. Considering that I also have more food than I know what to do with currently, the fact that Christmas is just around the corner, so there'll be plenty of food then, and that things won't really be back to a reasonably normal state until next Thursday, I'd really have to try to drop my balance below $1,000, and that's even including the Paypal transaction for that Gravity Daze / Gravity Rush art book. Could I consider that a Christmas present to myself (the money thing in general)? Yes, definitely, and I'm really quite pleased. I haven't used my credit card once yet this month either, so I'm really happy with how that's turning out. It's quite something what being more sensible and responsible about money can do.

That said though, it's time I was off to close with Laura and Tom. Last night felt really long and drawn out, and I got quite frustrated with Tom near the end, and I think I was arguably in a better mood then than I am tonight, so what will happen? He thinks it's going to be really busy, because yesterday was rather on the slow side, but I'll try not to worry about that. I just need to remember to find a box, and ask him about maraschino cherries on his cookie pizza...

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