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Back and Forth and Back Again

Remember how I said before that I'd have to write a more detailed entry about one possible explanation for my constant shifts in mood? Yeah. I still need to do that. Starting more or less at work yesterday night, I've been coming to be in a bad mood again, which really figures considering Christmas is tomorrow, but I'm trying to deal with it. I ask myself how I want to be in this case, and one of the first things that comes to mind is keeping what's going on to myself, so for the moment, I am doing just that. I've also closed Skype and Instantbird, but I want to say that's more just for a bit of a break again - some time to myself, without the distraction of somebody possibly initiating a conversation with me.

Setting that aside though, I think for the first time in quite a while, I'm actually concerned about the state of closes at work. Yesterday night was probably an exception, considering it was our last "normal" night before Christmas, but consider this. I asked for a ride there at 6:30 as mentioned previously, so I'd have enough time to go out to Food Basics and share that chocolate with everybody. Going for apples was unremarkable, but when I got back, Cheryl was immediately after me wanting to know if I was interested in starting an hour early, so she could go home. I agreed, because there were quite a few dishes at the back that a head start on would help with, so I washed some of those, 8:00 came, Tom was done so I took over drive through, and all was well for a bit. By ~10pm, I was just getting the last of the dishes caught up, and asked James if he'd wait just five minutes before bringing back the rest that I knew were coming, because I was still feeling tired, and wanted a short break. 10:00 changed to 10:30 in no time, and I started to get a little concerned, because we both had enough time talking to Danny - time which could've been used on him getting those dishes ready and me working on them - but when we finally got back to work, I was able to wash them fairly quickly, which brought us up to ~11:30. At that point, several customers pulled in, leaving me unable to collect another pile of dishes to wash, which lasted until almost midnight. It was 11:59 when I gave out what I thought would be the last order, but before that customer was fully out of the driveway, somebody else pulled up, so I asked James what he wanted me to do - take their order, or tell them we were closed. After some indecisiveness, he said it was up to me, so I shrugged, and took their order, thinking it would be the last one. No, though. Cue four more customers pulling in (with large orders, no less), and we eventually came to the point where I rather rudely (I felt worse about it afterward) told one "We don't have enough beef to make all of that, and we were supposed to be closed at midnight, so when we're out, we're out." He seemed understanding at the window, but I could've approached it in a better way. There would've been one more customer after that too, but after telling them as well that we had no more beef, they drove away, and that was that. Then came the cleaning part. I don't know why it is that regardless of how well things are caught up or ready to go beforehand, a last-minute rush like that can completely throw us off, but it does. We didn't get out of there until ~1:15, and that's with James not having mopped the floor. I jokingly told him he was going to get in trouble when I noticed, and he said he knew, but would probably already get in trouble for us being there so late again. What are we supposed to do though? When I asked what he would've done in my position, he replied that he'd have taken that order at 11:59 as well, so all we could've done was not stood around so much at 10, which still wouldn't have helped at the very end of the night. It really wasn't what I was expecting, I suppose, but if Mary asks, I'll just tell her what I've said here.

As for today, I've mostly been working on cleaning things. Files on my laptop were the first, but that's an ongoing process, and then my floor / room in general, which I'm glad to finally have done. I'm kind of thinking about actually taking all of my gifts downstairs later tonight to put under the tree, but think that's somewhat less personal, as I probably wouldn't be the one to distribute them then. That means I'll just pile them over by the door to the spare room as I have before, and enlist somebody's help tomorrow to bring them down. In a different direction, I'm pretty hungry, because I've had only one cookie from that tin I bought at Real Canadian Superstore today, since we're going to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's later, and might end up being awake for several hours afterward. I'm also decidedly chagrined (I haven't used that word in a while) over the mail today. Despite my hoping, DJMAX Technika Tune has yet to arrive, but what have I received? The spare headphone jack board for my PSP that I wasn't expecting to arrive before Christmas. Brilliant how First Class mail somehow arrives before Priority... At any rate though, I've asked to head out to 4:50 today, because Manoah never came to pick up his blanket yesterday, so I had James tell him to meet me at work at 5. After that, it's off to the church, then to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's for things there, and... it should be a fun night, just so long as I'm able to keep myself in the same place regarding those things mentioned above~

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