Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Far Too Much Sleep

No matter what I do, it won't be very hard to top last night. At this point yesterday, I was already asleep, having just woken up from a short nap, and quickly deciding there wasn't anything worth staying awake for. As such, between the 24th and 25th, I slept for a good ten hours - from ~2:30 in the morning until 8, then from ~10:30 until ~2:30 in the afternoon, and between the 25th and 26th, another good fifteen hours - ~10:30 at night until ~2:30 in the afternoon. Yeah. Well done, self. I can kind of justify it by saying I had nothing better to do, but if I don't make it until at least 5am tonight, I'm going to be pretty upset with myself. It doesn't end there either. On top of missing everybody else opening gifts yesterday morning, I also woke up with about half an hour to spare before I went to work today. Yes, I was scheduled to start at 4, but I woke up to find a note on my door advising me to call Brandon at work, and that it "sounded urgent", so I did, and was more or less asked if I could start early, because it had been busy. Danny was supposed to work all day, but had somebody call in sick for him, and yet when I went there, no customers were to be found. It felt weird walking in there so early in the afternoon, yes, and starting early allowed me a little extra holiday pay time, but it wasn't what I was expecting to be, and not having had enough time to properly wake up was playing tricks with me all night. It felt like I could at any time force myself awake, and I'd wake up in bed. Even now, in spite of the fact that I'm in bed, this doesn't feel entirely real. I had a dream last night that I was spending a bunch of money from my checking account though, so between that and the events of today, I'd choose the latter.

That said though, the only really remarkable thing has been the snow. I enjoyed a nice walk home in it with James earlier, and imagine it's still falling outside right now. Mom and I were supposed to go grocery shopping after work, but on the way there - I asked for a ride after being called in early - I asked if she was really sure about going all the way out to Real Canadian Superstore, and she said they ought to be fine waiting the extra day. What's going to happen if there's even more snow tomorrow though? I'll have to make plans to go somewhere, but we could end up without groceries for two days in a row. As for work, aside from working at suppertime instead of at night, and being too tired, it went pretty okay. We were out by ~8:10 even though James and I were the only people left after 7, and thanks to the weather, it didn't get too busy, and now I have another day off before going back to a normal weekend. I only wish I could say the same of giving the gifts I had to other people to open yesterday... Simply put, Naomi acts like an entitled brat, and Adam overreacts (he broke the wheel off the chair, and reacted as if he'd just ruined the night for everybody). I got my gifts too though - outside of what I was expecting, a pillow made to look somewhat like a leopard (I don't know how else to describe it), $20 in gift cards from Value Village, and a coupon for the same, a nice framed picture of me when I was young (which lacks any mention of the date), a double boiler set, and stuff from my stocking which I still haven't opened. I was able to confirm that everything inside of it is edible, so that takes some of the mystery away, but... I'll get to it when I've gone through the rest of this food. I have well more than enough tonight, along with turkey and pie which I should get my share of now, before it's all gone, then macaroni and other such food that I had before Christmas. So fun.

It's quarter-to now though, and I'd like to have this finished before having to worry about things to come later, so this is it yet again. I wonder how long I can stay awake for? My light is on right now, but I want to turn that off soon...

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