Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Things Are Going Well Today

I really like randomly having money I was previously completely unaware of. Brandon sent me a fair sum earlier this morning, and another email to go with it, asking me to send it to a certain other Paypal address as soon as possible after I woke up, so when I finally did wake up, I first logged into Paypal (instead of Easyweb) for some reason, and was greeted by something I was not expecting: a balance of $23.82. As it stands now, that was used to fund part of the transfer to whomever we wanted me to send money to, so without any withdrawal fees, I have almost an extra $24 in my checking account, which is... nice. I spent another $5 in the PS Store last night, because Uno was announced as the newest exploited PS Vita game (the only one currently known to work on firmware 2.02, at that), and cost about $3 more than I had in my account there. Combining that with the other $10 I put on it a couple nights ago to buy the DLC for Gravity Rush, and that extra gives me enough to cover those charges on my credit card with ~$5 to spare, and still remain above my desired minimum until this coming Thursday. Nice how that works out, but I figure the next couple weeks will be just as tight (in an illusory sense, if nothing else), because I'll owe both Mom and Dad money, as well as having to pay for the internet, and wanting to go for a train ticket, and... so on. I know I'll be able to afford everything, but I might just end up trying to stay above $1,100 for the next two weeks as well.

In slightly related news now, I did get done work at midnight again yesterday. It was slow enough just after 8 that I actually had a good five minutes to start sweeping the floor because all the crumbs and other general clutter were bothering me, which is something I usually never get a chance to do. Everything up front got done / caught up per usual, I got delimer in my eye (it stung), and had time to clean out the grease trap before 11, after which Laura said that I might as well just go home then, but fortunately it got busy shortly after that, and I ended up staying 'til midnight. That's two in a row now, and next weekend will be only slightly different. On Friday, Tom is scheduled to be done at midnight, and on Saturday, I am, which is quite fine. Had it not been for getting out of there early, I wouldn't have had nearly as much time for what happened. You see, for most of the night at work as well as the walk home, I was thinking about what to say to Squeeze. I wasn't uncomfortable with the thought of going over there, but didn't want to go there and be put in some position where specific things were expected of me. I know seeing it that way lies more in my own perception, but in light of things recently, I wouldn't want to go over there just to try and talk and give advice, for example, as we can do that online in pretty much the same way. After those things were settled though, I told her that I wasn't opposed to coming over if she still wanted some company, so long as I would just be there as a friend, and she mentioned that Totts and Evo had actually called her not too long ago unable to sleep, and were just on their way to Tim Hortons first, before going over to hang out with her. One thing led to another, and around 2:00, I was in the process of shutting my laptop down and getting things packed up to go over there myself. I went to 7-11 first, then met her (Squeeze) over at Cinema 6, from where we all went back to her apartment, and hung out for a little while. Totts made Kraft Dinner for everybody, I got to meet the cute cat known as "Butters", not to mention the three of them in person, and generally had a fun time until just after 5. I got to show off playing StepMania, because while we have that in common, Squeeze actually plays with two hands instead of just one (apparently the fact that I can play with just one is mesmerizing / astounding), not to mention DJMAX Trilogy, Project DIVA PC, and a bit of DJMAX Technika Tune, talked with Evo for a bit (more like listened to his ongoing account of acquiring a lookalike Chatham-Kent police car in Second Life, among other things), shared some of a chocolate bar that I bought at 7-11 with Totts, and generally had a fun time. Weird as it may be to say, it feels noticeably less stressful now, having actually met them. There's just something about it... At any rate, I did go home at 5, because I didn't want to stay too late, and after having a shower / cleaning up my room, was up until just after 8. Such fun. I talked to Squeeze some more during that time though, and she pretty much said that I have an open invitation to come over whenever she's up for having company, which is pretty neat. For the moment, something might happen on New Year's Eve, but I'm still waiting to see what I feel like doing then. On one hand, it would be fun to go over there again, but on the other, this has been alot of new, sometimes stressful stuff coming at me recently, so the feeling of wanting to take a couple days to myself to properly relax is getting stronger and stronger.

As for today, I hope to be off to Real Canadian Superstore in about ten minutes to pick up our platter for tomorrow. Mom completely forgot about it, and I kind of feel like I'm imposing by asking for a ride out there, because Trish had her car moved to the front of the driveway for some reason, but so long as nobody says anything, I'll just explain that I didn't want to push picking that platter up back again, even by an hour. After that, I'll have a bit of time in which to find something to do before going to work, and then when I get home, end-of-the-month backups will start. I feel like I've got a little bit more to take care of this time, what with having Skype to go through, and never having actually uploaded anything to MediaFire last month, so I'm kind of looking forward to it. I need to get ready to go to Real Canadian Superstore now though, so let's hope the vehicles are at least switched around. That would be a good first step~

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