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Something that's Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. You see it every day (at least since 1995). That had me stumped for a half hour :s I figured it out though. Wikipedia FTW :3 Try this ridiculously annoying quiz, and see what I mean.

So yeah. This is gonna be (hopefully) short, seeing as it's 8 in the morning. The clocks changed tonight, right? If so, that's gonna make things interesting at work tomorrow. It goes without saying that people will be arriving, and quite possibly leaving early as well, so I dunno. I called Josh at what I thought was 4 (turned out to only be 3 for them) to check what time I had to be in today, and he said 9, so that's when I'll go there. If not, I've got an excuse~

And happy birthday, lone_transhuman. It honestly feels a bit shallow just saying it like that, but I suppose it's better than nothing, at very least :3

I think that's it. If I have the time, I'll write everything I really don't feel like right now whenever I wake up. I'm too tired right now, but this entry is going to make an interesting read after I've had a good sleep~