Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

More to Say This Time

I probably don't have enough time to talk about everything today either, but as I'll be at work until ~8, and am as yet unsure what I'll feel like doing when I get home, whatever I can write with the time I had left will have to suffice for now. I had fun again last night for one thing. Totts and Evo left around 2:45 so they could go to some party online of their own, and initially, I was planning to head home myself when they called it a night, because I thought it might be a bit awkward being there with Squeeze alone, for possibly quickly running out of things to say. As it actually happened, however, I didn't leave for almost another two and a half hours. We talked about various things for a bit, which was slightly awkward, as expected, but as a result of one thing leading to another and so on from there, I ended up looking for various clips from Whose Line is it Anyway on Youtube, and we had quite a few good laughs watching those for a while. Unfortunately, same as last time, I didn't get to bed until after 8, but it was a bit different for the second visit, because I didn't get home until 6, whereas I was back here by ~5:30 before.

Other than that I still have a couple things to tell / ask Evo about in an email (for one, he bought me some food that I didn't eat while I was there because I was full from food earlier in the night here, and feel bad about that), whenever I get around to it, and am rather curious to know if I actually won't be back there again until Saturday night. Upon returning home, I started copying Whose Line is it Anyway (the US series) and Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza to one of my external hard drives, because Squeeze said she'd be interested in those, but while the copying was in progress, went through the rest of the shows I have downloaded and started to list what she might also like. 604GB in files later, and that could take approximately six visits there, assuming she finds somewhere to store everything else in the meantime. Yeah. I could ask if she's up for company on Thursday and take it from there, because I'll probably not be doing anything then either, but at this point, I think I might like to try taking Thursday to myself (apart from the dishes). Maybe later at night, take a walk out to Via Rail for a train ticket, then around to the mall for some more juice from Dollarama, followed by a quiet night of doing whatever I feel like doing here. On the other hand, I could still get done work tomorrow night, come home, and ask if she's up for having anybody over, and still have Thursday to myself, so... we'll see.

In other, different news, I had two curious dreams last night, which felt completely real at the time, and are still pretty strange to look back on. In one, Dad and I were in the basement, and he was giving me a really hard time about something, but I can't remember what. It was just strange how he kept on pushing at it, because normally he doesn't do that. In the other, I, along with a group of other random people was standing on the sidewalk across the street from Sobeys. It seemed we were all waiting to cross, but every few seconds, an older lady off to the right would stick her head out to get a better look down the street (facing the underpass), and say "There's an ambulance coming!" That I can remember now, I counted four ambulances. Three from along Lacroix, and one, seemingly unrelated, from along Park Ave, that must have passed by just coincidentally. It felt so utterly surreal at the time though... People kept trying to run across - I remember Naomi was there at one point, and made it after having to run back from the first one, and I think everybody made it before I woke up, but now that I'm awake, all I can really think is "That was an awful lot of ambulances...". Did I see one on the way home last night? I can't recall, somewhat frustratingly, but I don't believe so. All I really remember noticing is that it felt weird to be out walking around at ~5:30 in the morning.

Having said all of that now though, I feel like I should just get ready to go to work now, and hope for the walk there to wake me up. I didn't feel tired when I first woke up, but now that I've been to the bathroom (for whatever reason), I feel quite exhausted. Also of concern is that I've known since Saturday that Totts wasn't feeling well, but still ate some of the cookies she made last night, not really thinking anything of it. Today, in my Skype contact list, I see "Its flu :(" next to her name. So that's good. Less for her, obviously, but I hope I just feel this way from lack of sleep, as opposed to oncoming illness. I am still obligated to go to work though (and wouldn't want to miss it anyway, because even three hours of time and a half pay counts), so I'll write myself a quick list of things to email Evo about later, and that'll be all for now. I need something to take my mind off of it, because surely this is just as likely to be in my head, as it is to be an actual thing~

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