Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Different Reason for Lateness

The circumstances may be slightly different tonight, but once again, I leave myself with not quite enough time to write a proper entry. As soon as files are done being copied over to my other 2TB external drive, I'll be heading out again, to 7-11 and Tim Hortons, and from there, off to spend another night with Squeeze, Totts, and Evo. Isn't this fun? Just a month ago at this time, I was spending Thursday nights at home, more often than not being bored enough to get tired and fall asleep early, thus messing me up for having to be up late at work on Thursday, and now I've already been over there three times - maybe even four by the end of this week. I do get the feeling that once I become used to this, I will from time to time choose to have the night to myself over going to hang out with them again, but until then, this is fun, and new, and interesting all at the same time. I feel a bit bad for not having seriously talked to Dan in quite a while, but he's not online at all (in Skype or IRC) right now, so I might email him when I get home. I am still willing to try redesigning the page(s) for his furmeets, but here we are, just over a month away from when I'll be there again, and there hasn't been anything else said about it, after him telling me he'd probably use some PHP before.

In unrelated news, as rather expected, my pay is disappearing pretty rapidly, even though it came in just earlier this morning. I withdrew $260 this afternoon, leaving me with $50, and then spent about $20 more between Food Basics and Dollarama. I'll most likely spend the next two weeks trying to stay above $1,200, but even that's $100 more than last time. I do have a couple pending Paypal transactions, one for a wallet to replace my other one having broken at work last night, as well as life insurance to come out, but there's also that GST payment Squeeze mentioned, which would come at exactly the right time here. I definitely notice how I didn't have much of an issue saving money again before Christmas, only for that to nearly fall apart now that it's over, but... I'll find some way to manage. That aside though, I should get ready to leave now, because I have other places to stop on the way there this time, as mentioned before. Maybe I'll sit down to write a proper entry before I go to bed tonight, but we'll see about that then. I already know I won't be staying past 5am this time, but as for the rest? It's just too early to say. Time to go find out what fun tonight has in store~

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