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Sleep is the Better Idea

I can only imagine how I'd feel right now if plans for this morning did go through as intended. By the time I got home it was about quarter to 6, and I felt tired enough to call it a night and lay down at 7. From then until ~11:30, I slept quite soundly, and then woke up, sort of feeling that something was amiss, but mostly just having to go to the bathroom, which I did. I can't remember when I fell asleep again after that, but the next thing I knew, somebody jarred me awake by knocking on my door. It was Mom, wanting to say that the appointment for haircuts we were uncertain about having today had been confirmed, and we would be leaving at 1pm, but given my late bedtime, I was having none of that. I remember gruffly almost-shouting "No!", and laying back down, thinking about how I would get by for another couple months. It was also at that point that certain things from before I went to bed came back to aggravate me, and I laid there for what felt like almost twenty minutes, until I was feeling calmed down again. Some time after that, there was another knock on my door. Mom again, to say that our appointment had been rescheduled for next Friday, which is perfectly fine by me. I'll have no excuse for not getting to bed on time come the 11th, whereas last night, I stayed until 5 because I didn't think I'd have to get up early for anything. Since then though, I've been out to Shoppers for that package, the contents of which are exactly what I expected them to be. I feel more tired than normal as well, even though I slept 'til 3, but I have a feeling that's because of the way I walked home last night. Instead of walking along the sidewalk like a normal person, I went just down the street to the train tracks, and started walking along those, heading in the direction of downtown until I reached the West St. crossing, from which I wanted to go 7-11 for candies. I will probably try to take that route to and from Squeeze's place in the future as well, because it's definitely more simple, if not slightly faster as well. I don't know if having to walk through the snow is the reason my legs are so sore today, but I'm dealing with it.

That said, I briefly alluded to something else above, yes? A certain something that happened last night, before I went to bed. In our talking earlier that evening, either I or Squeeze mentioned her Gamecube or the Wii she got for Christmas, and a few words were exchanged about that, so when I packed up my things to go over there, I also brought along Super Mario Galaxy, figuring the Wii would probably be set up. When I arrived, it wasn't, so I shrugged it off, and didn't mention having brought one of my games, because I didn't want her to feel obligated to set it up, only to go home, unpack everything and turn my laptop on again, and be told that she'd be back in a bit, because she was setting the Wii up for Evo, who otherwise did stuff on / with Second Life for a good half the night. Maybe it's because both he and Totts agreed to pull an all-nighter to help Squeeze with some errands she had to run in the morning, but seriously? I've yet to see a Wii Mini in person. I'd have liked to be there to see it taken out of the box and set up, but no, apparently my mentioning several times now that I could bring some of my own games over if and when she set it up was too subtle. I did send her an email about the matter before going to Shoppers, and she's already responded, but per usual, I'm too much of a chicken now to go back and read what she said. I did tell all three of them that I'd probably be back after work on Saturday, which complicates things slightly (on an entirely unrelated note, I also want to ask if they'd mind turning the light off for a bit, because I'm much more used to sitting in a dark room), but it's interesting to notice how I already feel like getting it over with - obscuring the preview of her reply to start, uncovering one word at a time, and going from there. I still have enough time that I could tonight, but then I'll want to respond before I go to work, and may not be able to do both. Speaking of which, I hope for things tonight to go the same as they did last time I was scheduled to close, and Tom was scheduled to be done at midnight - let me be on line from 8 - 12, and on drive through for the remaining three hours. We'll see in a bit, I suppose.

As for other things, I feel like I've already said anything worth mentioning today, but let's see here... I notice I've been eating quite a lot recently, which is concerning. Yesterday night, we went out to Lucky In(n) for supper, and I had quite a bit of food there. At home, I think I had another can of Sprite, and that was all until I went over to hang out with Squeeze, Totts, and Evo, where I had a bowl of Kraft Dinner, a large apple cider from Tim Hortons, four pieces of pizza, one piece of stuffed garlic bread, and, when I got home, the donut I bought at Tim Hortons and didn't get around to eating while I was there. This kind of needs to stop, but still, when I told her I might be back on Saturday, Totts said "Ooh, just after my mom drops pizza off then...", and... yes. I shouldn't feel obligated to eat food that they provide, I know, but it seems eating food at a time I'm not used to is where the problem starts, so I should focus on eating less throughout the rest of the day when I know I'll be going there later in the evening. As I might have mentioned yesterday, I bought everything (or hopefully everything) to make s'mores cookies for Tom yesterday, but I know I'll end up with more than two-dozen, which is what he's after, so where will the rest go? Most likely to the three of them, and I'll most certainly help myself to a couple... I obviously didn't get to making those this afternoon, but in hopes that plans will still be on for tomorrow night, I should try to make them tomorrow, and be able to give Tom cookies that are as fresh as possible too. I could probably sit here and try to think of other things to write as well, but simply put, I still want to go read Squeeze's reply and hopefully get that over with (at least on my end) before work, so this is done for tonight. I am at least pleased that I've written a proper entry tonight, but still, with that email, I could be here until ~7:20 again...

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