Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have What Matters

I suppose it worked out in the end, but there's something odd about how only the cookies I made for Tom turned out well, and the rest all burnt to some degree. Our oven is as frustrating as ever, but something about putting twelve on a sheet close to each other helps keep the heat down a bit or something. As may be obvious, his 24 are now in a bag all ready to go, but I also have 8 extras. One will be for Brandon at work tonight, because it's his last shift before going back to college, and the other seven will be to share with three other people whose names I shouldn't need to mention by now later tonight, because I've already confirmed that things will be happening per usual again. The Wii issue as described yesterday has been pretty much resolved, so I may bring one or two of my games over, depending on what time I get home from work, but otherwise, it'll hopefully just be another night of enjoying other peoples' company. We have already had pizza for supper though (mostly just because I was busy in the kitchen earlier), so if things turn out as I was told before, pizza two times in one day ought to be interesting.

Aside from that though, I find myself in the same position I normally do for this time of night. I'm late leaving for work, but I don't want to write just a one paragraph entry and call it good enough, but this time, the other thing on my mind is a couple dreams I had last night, which I don't have enough time to do justice. Mom just said she's ready to go too, so I ought to get ready myself, and... yeah. Maybe I will finally write more later tonight, but we'll see then. I still might not get home until nearly 6:00...

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