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Just What I Wanted

I can't believe it's quarter to 7 already... As still being awake right now might indicate though, I did just get back at ~6am from hanging out with Squeeze for a bit, and had a good time once again, but for three different reasons, two of which I've mentioned in here.

First of all, as I wrote about before, when I'm at home, the light in my room is usually off. I am used to that, making for a slightly uncomfortable feeling when I go over there and the light is on all night, so I asked Squeeze if that was just her preference, or if it could be turned off when it didn't specifically need to be on, and she replied with something that makes me think Evo and / or Totts are more the ones who want it on, and I don't want to just up and ask them the same question yet. Neither of them were present tonight though (I found out later that Evo had gone out somewhere else, and had not yet returned), so when I walked in, only a few lights were on - just a dim lamp and a string of Christmas lights in Squeeze's room specifically - which was much nicer. I rather am enjoying finding that I have those sorts of things in common with her, but I know that could very well be a rare thing, because every other time I've been there, Totts and Evo were also there, and thus, the proper light on the ceiling was turned on.

Secondly, it would seem I was getting worked up when I had no good reason to. The Wii Squeeze received for Christmas is essentially a standard Wii, outside of not having Gamecube controller ports, or memory stick slots. The main reason I was upset / annoyed before was that I thought she had been given a Wii Mini, but I was mistaken, and now I feel... slightly foolish. I am grateful to her for not bringing up those emails while I was there, because that would've made it awkward now that the situation has been resolved, but yeah. Well done on that, self. We did play several games (Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, and Trauma Team) on it though, all of which were quite fun, and next time, I'll be bringing Cooking Mama as well, because she seemed somewhat interested in it. Somewhat of an inside joke also started tonight, in that Evo is akin to the hungry Lumas in Super Mario Galaxy, but all in all, it was just fun playing some games, even though as a result, we didn't make it remotely close to watching an episode (or two) of Whose Line is it Anyway.

Third and final (and certainly last but not least), I've been kind of reluctant to say this to Squeeze directly, lest she take it the wrong way, but I'd actually like more chances to go and hang out with just her. The best way I can think of to explain it is that it's the same as going to visit Dan. I prefer doing things with him (outside of the furmeet) alone, because I know him much better than Chris / and or Xion. Similarly, I know Squeeze better than Totts and / or Evo, so I like just doing things with her, but usually can't. Because of that, tonight was better than it might have been if all three of them were there, but I'll still take whatever the night brings, because there's little sense hoping for one outcome over the other.

As for work and the rest of things, it was a pretty slow night, as expected. Brandon actually gave me a hug when I presented his cookie to him, and I teased Manoah a bit about effectively being the assitant general manager again, now that he's written three notes about different things, instead of leaving them to Mary. I was kind of hoping Laura would let me go home at 11 too, because I wouldn't have minded having an extra hour for things mentioned above, but I still stayed until midnight, and that was alright. Next weekend, however, it is I who am done at midnight on Friday (unless I ask Tom about switching, which I just might do), so that'll change things slightly. I'm pretty sure there's nothing else specific to mention tonight though, so this will be everything. I could write about those dreams I mentioned earlier, but... one involved being in a mall somewhere that had a random old, rusty, manually-controlled elevator which I took up to the second floor, only to find myself in an entirely different building, trying to step down a narrow staircase, and the other involved our entire family going to Toronto to visit Dan (I don't know), and me being the only one to make it to his apartment, because he had moved, and I was the only one who knew where he'd moved to. I think I liked the second one more, because that feeling of being let in on something not widely known was quite gratifying, but the first was kind of neat as well, for the serene feeling as I was walking down the staircase on the second floor. I don't know what sorts of dreams I'll have tonight, if any, but I'm mostly just concerned about getting eight hours of sleep in the face of it being almost 8am already. I'm just going to call it a night now, so anything else can wait until tomorrow. Hopefully I'm able to fall asleep quickly~

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