Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Things are Coming Together

In spite of not having even left for work yet, my night is coming together already, and I think I'm going to have enough to look forward to. Trish, Ericka, and Adam have pretty much packed up, and have either left or will be leaving at some point while I'm away at work, so I won't have to worry quite as much about disturbing them when I come home and use the table in the kitchen to work on my PSPs. I really, really need to do that by the end of the week, because I don't want to leave feedback until I've confirmed that the parts are working, and as yet, I haven't had a chance to even do that. I was kind of hoping for this afternoon to go the same as yesterday did - wake up at ~3, busy myself with beginning of the day things until 4, and then put an hour or two into working on those - but instead, I slept 'til 4, and didn't really get started on anything specific until ~5:30, which consisted entirely of going downstairs to microwave my left over supper from last night. It's nearly 7:00 now, which puts me in about the same position I usually find myself in, but hopefully I'll still have enough time for other things later.

Most of what I wrote yesterday was building to the point of me saying I prefer to spend time with Squeeze alone, because I know her better than Totts and Evo, and somewhat surprisingly, last night ended up being more of the same. I had the thought before work that I could bring my Wii over so we could play Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which I did, and while we played a couple other games on top of that one (Cooking Mama and Trauma Team), it wasn't quite the same. I can't put my finger on why, but the feeling was one of "Even though I'm here enjoying spending time with a friend, there's something missing". I remembered just now that I meant to find some way to casually tell her that she was the first person (who I could remember) to thank me for being their friend, so... I suppose it's just something slightly more general along those lines. As happens in other ways as well, I get used to how her saying that makes me feel, so I need something more, above and beyond the original stimulus to make me feel the same way again, but it can't really happen that way. I probably should've looked more just at how she and I were there on our own again, meanwhile just a couple days prior, I thought it would be really awkward for me to be there on my own with her, and it wasn't, but... yeah. I still had a good time last night though. Got my... tail, I suppose, handed to me at Super Smash Bros. (I won one match, and she won 4 or 5), gave Butters about four Pringles (I've never met a cat who ate chips before), left the last four s'mores cookies I made for Totts and Evo, or Squeeze, if she chooses to eat them first, noticed an awful lot of traffic out at ~5:40am on the way home, and spent nearly an hour between 6 and 7 cleaning and organizing my room, because I was displeased with the state of it.

As for tonight now, I was decidedly more unsure about what to do earlier. I kind of wanted to ask Squeeze if she'd be up for doing something later again, because I can't see work being any busier than last night, but I also am to the point now where I need a bit of time to myself, to properly rest and relax, and take care of my small list of things to do. The thing with today is that as she told me earlier, she hasn't had any sleep yet, and has some important business to take care of in the morning. That's two arguments against doing anything tonight, but if we focus on tomorrow instead, it all changes a bit. As yet, she hasn't mentioned having anything to do tomorrow, and I have the day off, so unless I end up being busy with my own tasks for longer than expected, I'll probably get bored later at night. If she doesn't have anything specific to do then though, and I'm a little bored, I could go over there earlier, and we'd have more time than normal. I still wish I could figure out exactly what it is that's missing from the way going there feels, compared to going to visit Dan, but I'm trying. Maybe in addition to playing games together, we also need to do our own things, but in the same room from time to time. I don't know, but I'll have most of the night to think about it.

Anything else aside though, time to leave for what should be a more interesting night at work. I'm actually going to ask for a ride, so hopefully I can get one, because Manoah closes, and I only just remembered telling him I'd get a drink from Tim Hortons for him next time we worked together, because I ordered the wrong thing before. If not, I imagine he won't mind waiting until Wednesday, and it should still be an interesting night, because we haven't worked together in a good several weeks, and will thus have quite a bit to talk about. That just assumes it isn't too busy, so... time to go find out~

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