Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Starting to Make Progress

So there. It might've taken far longer than I anticipated, but I've actually accomplished some things with my day. Earlier this afternoon, I sat down to fix my PSP (it turns out I previously swapped the components, so the beat-up one Adam gave me had both the broken headphone jack and cracked screen), and just now have sent three emails to different people, effectively leaving me only with writing this before being done with specific tasks for the night. I may be going over to hang out with Squeeze again later (not sure if Totts and Evo will be there, but if they are, alright, and if they aren't, they aren't), but I think I'll leave the mention just at that, because I don't want to get to the point where I say something about her in every single entry I write. It really is fun / exciting having a local friend I can go visit on a regular basis, but I did the constant / daily mentions thing with another friend before, and I still wouldn't really want to go back and look at those entries. I just can't find any reason for it.

As such, in unrelated news, last night was my first shift with Manoah in quite a while, and it was interesting, to say the least. Unlike James and Laura, he doesn't close particularly often, and thus doesn't really know what to do. He did make sure pretty much everything got done and caught up as early and as quickly as possible, but we shouldn't, for example, play tic-tac-toe and hangman between customers. On a somewhat related note, some random person made a prank call as well. He answered it the first time, and told me if they called again, I would have to answer it, because all he heard before was somebody mumbling. They did call back in short order, and when I picked up the phone, asked if we delivered. I told them "No, I'm afraid not", then there was a short pause, followed by them blurting out "Suck my balls". I paused for just a moment myself, then said "Have a good night" in a dry tone, and rushed up front to take an order that Manoah couldn't be bothered with for some reason, and that was that. A while later, the phone rang again, and he wasn't busy at the time, so I asked him to get it, and he refused. I found out later that he had just put gloves on to make an order, but still, it ended up being a legitimate complaint, so I admonished him afterward that it was rather sad when the closing manager couldn't even answer the phone. The rest of the night was fairly difficult, because I got really tired around 10, but I think if there's one thing I'll have to keep in mind tomorrow, it's that closing with him is different than Laura or James. I was actually going to ask Tom about switching shifts this weekend, so I could be done at midnight on Saturday again, but to do so would leave me with a full shift with Manoah on Friday, and quite honestly, I don't really want that.

Work aside though, this entry has been in progress for about the past three hours, and I really can't think of much else to say for now, so I'm going to find some things to do that don't involve my laptop, and see what I feel like doing after that. I'm still not entirely sure about plans for tonight, but I can't let that keep me here, unable to do anything else again. At least I'm slowly getting away from that~

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