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Too Many Other Distractions...

It's always interesting when I find myself in different circumstances than usual. At the moment, I'm writing this from our desktop computer, because I was getting too distracted with other things on my laptop, and know I don't have too much time left before things to come later. At some point presumably between 9 and 10, Squeeze will come home from running some errands, and send me a message to let me know that she's back. Once I hear from her, I'll be calling a certain place to order some food for everybody for later, and after 10 minutes or so, will get a ride from Mom out there to pick it up, then over to the apartment, which I'm kind of looking forward to. I've only mentioned going to hang out with a friend / friends a couple times to them, so to actually go to and be dropped off at the building Squeeze lives in might either answer at least one of their questions, or make it slightly less awkward for me to answer any they may have as a result. Totts and Evo are actually already there, so we'll all hang out together tonight, probably 'til ~5:30 for me, since that's come to be a comfortable and reasonable time for me to go home. Once I'm back in my room and everything is unpacked, I'll have an email to write to Dan, because I both need to reply to his reply to the one I sent him earlier, and properly explain some things we were talking about earlier. When I told him I was heading off to write a LiveJournal entry, I said it seemed like the sort of night where I should have lots to write about, but might find it difficult to sort out the acceptable topics from the unacceptable ones, and he responded to say that it might be the sort of entry I make private, because I may resent people for putting me in the middle of their drama. Contrary to what he suspects though, I resent nobody. I also like how he told me that if and when somebody is mean to him, he's usually mean to that person in return, because I like being the sort of person who doesn't / wouldn't do that. That's not to say I'm completely immune to it, but for the most part, I try to just shrug the incident off, and move on. I still don't believe that a nonconfrontational attitude is always the best one to have, but for the most part, it fits in nicely with my preferring to maintain a degree of separation between myself and other things.

Dan / Totts / Evo / Squeeze aside though, the other thing on my mind is work last night. Due to GST checks being out, it was a little busier than normal, but I was able to get the dishes caught up in spite of that, and by ~11:50, had only a few that I normally have around that time of night left to wash. Then, at 11:58 or 11:59, Manoah said we were closed, because the wall clock in the middle said it was midnight, even though we're supposed to go by the clock on the tills. I disagreed with him, saying he knew just as well as I did that we didn't go by that clock, and fortunately nobody else came in anyway, but I can't help but wonder what would've happened. Back when Steve was there and was the fun issue that he was known to be, it was Manoah who told me that the non-management closer(s) would be just as responsible for the manager when it came to closing early. Now he's apparently forgotten about that, and insists that we close early anyway, if only by a minute or two. If I was forced into such a situation, I would take a last-minute order anyway, and risk being written up for it, because at least then I know I've done the right thing, and don't have to worry, but how would he react? Probably with anger at me not listening to him, and as he's so eloquently put it before, him being angry is not a pretty sight. Such is the reason I'm glad I have only one more shift with him though, on a night where I'm done at midnight, at that. He and Tom can do whatever they like, but just as I refuse to use another person's till / let anybody touch mine without my supervision, I'll stick to what I know is right, because I no longer have the patience for getting in trouble on account of somebody else's decision. That said though, there were also a couple good parts of last night. One was getting there with plenty of time to go to Tim Hortons, and the other was how, upon returning from Tim Hortons, Manoah had me sign my name on a piece of paper to confirm that I had been given my staff discount card. That's right. Years later, and we finally get the things customers used to bring in back when I first started working there. They're only good for 20% off, but as I understand it, there's no limit to the amount of the order, and I could use it at Taco Bell, KFC, or Pizza Hut, which is pretty neat. I'd obviously like to try to use it in February, but beyond that I'd... have to want to get food from one of the other two places, I suppose...

I believe the above will be all for tonight, however, because Squeeze just returned, so I can probably get going with things here now. Hopefully it's a fun night. I've not seen Totts or Evo in about a week, and Totts said she'd play Smash Bros. with us, so that's enough to get started. It's a nice feeling of excitement~

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