Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

More Would Be Nice

Slightly frustrating as it may be, the most distinct thought I have today is thus: I want to go to work later, and have it be busy enough that we aren't just standing around, but not busy enough that we can't get things caught up. Sometime between 10 and 12, I'd like to take care of the grease trap, just to have that done, and then at midnight, so long as it isn't really busy, I'll be heading home. From there, I want to be able to come home, send Squeeze a couple messages in Skype, hopefully to the end of her being up for doing something again (with or without Totts and Evo), and if she says yes, go over there to pick up where we left off last night. Totts fell asleep around 10 or 11, and was out until at least 2:30, before Evo started saying that maybe he should just take her home. I think they left around 3:30, but I stayed for another couple hours, mostly playing games, but also (for the first time) actually having somewhat of a conversation. I started to write about things yesterday, but there's quite alot more that I didn't say. I started to tell Dan some of why Evo doesn't like him, so I had Squeeze read the same, as she's already said she wishes she could just up and ask Evo what happened between the two of them, but still hasn't found the right moment. I've already been told that he has a tendency to overstate and exaggerate certain things, which is more than likely the source of his continued negative feelings toward Dan, but for the moment, I've asked for Dan's side of events, and we'll go from there. He's already responded - at 11:09 this morning, to be exact, but as I have to leave for work in about half an hour, and it took me nearly four times that to reply before, I think I'll wait until I get home.

Apart from that, I did have a good time last night once again. From food from Little Caesars to cheesecake bites from Real Canadian Superstore to the 3 cookies I left there before for Totts and Evo to the 2.4L jug of juice I drank, there was more than enough to eat, and I brought quite more than enough to play as well, considering we played only four games. I'm still waiting for Super Mario Galaxy (the first or second) to pick up to the point where I'd choose to start with it over Smash Bros., but being able to share games with other people is what really matters, so whichever one we play is fine. Along with that though, I directly told Squeeze that games were getting kind of boring when I came home from being there on Tuesday, only to entirely forget about that until she said she was getting bored with games, and asked if I wanted to watch a TV show yesterday night. Unfortunately, by that point it was ~5:00, so only one episode of Whose Line is it Anyway brought me to the time I wanted to leave at, but it was nice all the same. I wish there was some way I could sit to see both the TV and her monitor, so I could play a game and listen to / watch the show at the same time. Maybe there is a way, but I'm not sure when I'll next have the chance to attempt that. Tonight would be nice, but I'm not about to get all "I want to come over, so make preparations no matter what else you have to do". There are still things I could do on my own, such as actually having a shower (I've been meaning to since Wednesday night...), but until further notice, there's not even any way of knowing if work won't be really busy.

On that note, I'll need to get ready to head out soon, so here's hoping for a quick night. I have things to do at home, as well as several topics to be vague and unspecific about if Manoah asks me how I've been / what I've done since Wednesday, not to mention finally being able to ask Tom if he liked those cookies. Were it not already 7, I'd want to ask Mary a couple questions about another new policy regarding time off for one, and those staff discount cards for two, but considering all of the managers seem to be getting rotated onto closes lately, perhaps I'll see her before too long. The new schedule might even be up tonight~

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